Introductory Post, Welcome!

This is my inaugural post. Not really much else to say that hasn’t already been said in the About/FAQ Page so far. I suppose I could just start with a bang and begin with the upcoming the first of the comic book hero movies that are coming out this summer.

Soon to be released in theaters (Tuesday) is The Amazing Spider-Man. This is the reboot from the original Sam Raimi trilogy that ended in 2007. I for one was an early skeptic about the reboot but have come to realize that life isn’t revolving around one person, namely me or anyone else for that matter.

Add that to the fact that the movie was going to come out regardless of the way I or anyone else I knew felt about it at the time. I have actually grown to become excited to see the web crawler on the silver screen again, I think Andrew Garfield will do a fine job. (Post edit: The movie was satisfying, no regret. May do a small review just about the movie, stay tuned!)

Tobey McGuire as Spidey

From what I have seen previews-wise my feelings haven’t changed. While I’m not overly as excited about the reboot series as I was the original with Toby McGuire, that hasn’t hampered my wanting to see this outing.

Spider-Man 3 Figures

5″ Spider-Man 3 figures

The Amazing Spider-Man figures

3.75″ The Amazing Spider-Man Movie figures

With that, the toys for Spider-Man are exclusively produced by Hasbro. Spider-Man 3’s figure line had several to the main assortment and many other additional offspring products, but it seems to be a different stories in todays economy. Favoring smaller figures (3.75″) than the more previous movie’s 5″ figures.

The Dark Knight Rises 4" figures

The Dark Knight Rises 4″ figures

Mattel is following suite to save costs on their figure line as well (more coming up on that).

Not only did the size of the figures shrink but the amount of variants have definitely decreased. I’m kind of glad that the staggering amount of variants offered in the 5″ Spider-Man 3 figure assortment wasn’t an issue with The Amazing Spider-Man’s movie figures but their are still some glaring issues, at least ones I have encountered in my recent weeks of collecting.

Doc Ock Amazing Spider-Man figure

No offense against the Doc, even though he isn’t in the movie, maybe in the sequel? Nah that’d be to much like the original trilogy.

Green Goblin figure

No offense against ole’ Green Goby, especially the cool retro look like the original.













I noticed at first glance their was two different series of figures. The “comic series” and the “movie series”. Then later a third dubbed “concept series”. They have several different figures for the comic series which is a creative way to have more figures coinciding with the new movie’s release that aren’t actually in the movie. Like I said with The Dark Knight Rises figures they have a line that seems to allow them to same rule.

Comic Series Spider-Man figure

This a cool variant too, especially with the shoes!

Capture Claw Spider-Man

The problem is that they are too many comic series variants and not enough movie series period. I searched several big box retailers to find only a small handful of normal movie series figures like the ultra-poseable Spider-Man and the  Reptile Blast Lizard. I did find one retailer that finally had a decent stock of those figures, but it was the ONLY one. So it seems as if their might not be enough of the movie series figures in comparison to the comic and concept series figures.

Slash Attack Lizard Spider-Man web cutter










It’s further interesting to see the other figures of this movie only be “8 figures (two total, Spidey and Lizard) and a few other figures around the same size that have action parts (they look cool but, not really for me as a collector).

8" Posable Amazing Spider-Man figure

Not all that posable but at least its taller than Batman’s movie master figures!

8" Amazing Spider-Man Lizard figure











It was still cool to see other cool variants, although they proved to be rare in numbers. I’m referring to the Symbiote Snap Venom and the Symbiote Strike Spider-Man.

Symbiote Snap Venom Amazing Spider-Man figure

Really cool figure!

Symbiote Strike Spider-Man

Always cool to see Spidey in his black suit!

Ultra-posable Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man Movie

Fortunately, I was able to pick up a Reptile Blast Lizard and a Ultra Posable Spider-Man, two of each (one to open and one to save, of course). I will say that the ultra posable Spider-Man is really cool. It is very posable and leaves me satisfied with it. No need for accessories, Spider-Man is his own accessory!  Ultra-posable Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man Movie








Next thing to get are the elusive Invisi-Skin Lizard. I haven’t found that variant anywhere. The only place I even discovered it was online. I haven’t seen it in the wild yet but I will stay alert but seriously doubt I will find one of these on store shelves, at least before the movie’s release. I would say that the Invisi-Skin Lizard is as difficult to find as Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises Movie Master figure assortment (a figure I have yet to find in the wild as well).

Invisi-Skin Lizard

The super elusive Invisi-Skin Lizard variant figure from The Amazing Spider-Man movie.