Here’s a quick post hoping to make you laugh!

Now I don’t laugh at people that have issues translating language. However, some of the English sentences I have come across and heard or read have been hilarious! We all know about poor translations in film and video games, many are infamous among fans.

Take a look at this eBay auction I came across for Dark Knight Rises SDCC exclusive memorabilia. I could resist cracking up. I mean no offense but I just it funny. “Up for bid is the last batman.” What? The last batman?


I Googled to see if there was some story to match the one in this description (or as best I could decipher from it) about Christian Bale asking Nolan to have a moment alone with the Batman suit after the last scene was shot.

I indeed found an article with a quote from Bale:

“It was a very similar thing. We were doing this scene as Batman. It was with Anne (Hathaway) as Catwoman on a roof in New York, in Manhattan. And I was wrapped and the whole movie was a wrap. I just went down and sat in a room and I realized… this is it. I’m never going to be taking this cowl off again. So again, I said, ‘Can you please leave me alone for 20 minutes?’ With that moment it was with the realization of everything we’d done and a real pride of having achieved what we had set out to do.”

Read more <a href=””>movie news</a> at:

Bale last time putting on Batman suit

Goodbye Batman suit, forever.

“ sad bidding.”

Not as sad as the ending price was for the auction. But the description is priceless!


Bat-Mania all over again!

Everyone will agree that the success and popularity of Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman helped spawn three more films and a slew of merchandise for each film.

Batman Micheal Keaton

Batman (1989) as portrayed by Micheal Keaton

Batman Trading Cards

             Gotta have it! (Joking) But it was like that back then, no joke!


Batman Toy Biz lot

Batman toys (1989)

While not quite as on the same scale as before, I feel their is reason to believe that their is enough Dark Knight merchandise to classify at this time as a second coming of the Bat-Mania! It seems there is all kinds of Batman merchandise.

Dew Gothem City Mountain Dew

Minus trading cards and cereal. It does seem the success from promotions and gimmicks from Mountain Dew/Dark Knight Rises of today’s market, make up much more opposed to any sales that the Batman cereal did back then.

Dark Knight Rises Mr. Potato

Dark Knight Rises Mr. Potato

Batman Cereal

Dark Knight Rises toys

More licensed movie merchandise.

(See even more here)

Dark Knight Rises Bobble-Head

Even more licensed Dark Knight Rises merchandise


With a recent visit to my local comic book store I found an overwhelming amount of Batman titles (over 10), what felt like was even more than what there used to be, at least in 1993, as best I can remember.

B & D Comics wall





It’s cool to see Todd McFarlane’s figure for the movie. It is Hines Ward posing as a Gotham Rouges football player figure. It is scheduled for release in October of 2012. I want one!

McFarlane Toys Action Figure - Dark Knight Rises - HINES WARD (Gotham Rogues)

McFarlane being late with this figures release.

That’s being a tad little late to the party there ole’ Todd (and I hate admitting it because I’m a fan of your work, have been since Spider-Man).

It’s not good news for his or anyone’s business either.


Gothem Rogues Scene

Very cool scene from the movie!

Seriously, you should have these type of things all ready to go. Well in advance, before the movie even releases.

Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Bat Pod Batman

Need a Bat Pod for Catwoman

Mattel has all ready enjoyed great sales with all the product lines they have been selling, I’m sure of that.

Maybe it’s in the license agreement between Warner Bros and Todd McFarlane that he has to wait to release his figure? Who knows. Regardless it would be better to have at least released it by now.



Look at some of the custom figures that are being made inspired by the film. Lots of people are interested in this movie, respectively so.

Ben Roethlisberger Custom Gotham Rogues Steelers

Custom Gotham Rogues figure

Ben Roethlisberger Custom Gothem Rogues

People want stuff pronto, you can’t be a slouch when it comes to delivering product no matter how good it is in the end.

Here is another cool Movie Masters chase figures I hope Mattel would consider making. Even if they don’t make it, this is one cool custom nonetheless!

Custom BATMAN Dark Knight Movie Masters Azrael

Azrael in Dark Knight Movie Master figure form, pretty cool!
Made by Jin Saotome

On top of all those comic book titles, there are also a lot of official figures, toys, and magazine covers all dedicated to Batman.


Azrael as Batman

Batman 500

Empire Dark Knight Magazines

Collectable magazine covers

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Cards Hardees/Carls Jr. Set

Complete nine card set; come in packs of three cards

Magazine covers yes, but no trading cards for Batman though (Amazing Spider-Man movie cards exist, with the help of Hardees/Carl’s Jr.)

Well, okay the Dark Knight Rises trading cards I can live without. Just like the Topps Batman and Batman Returns cards and Fleer’s Batman Forever cards.

Batman Forever Cards

Thanks Fleer!







However I like having my Batman & Robin trading cards. I have my reasons.

Batman & Robin Movie Trading Card


Batgirl Alicia Silverstone

I’m Batgirl!

Batgirl Alica Silverstone autograph card

Autographed by Alicia Silverstone

Where else can you get a guaranteed Alicia Silverstone autographed Batgirl picture or trading card for that matter? ‘Nuff said.

I had a crush on her since Clueless.

Clueless 1995

Ah Clueless, the 1990’s era.

Dark Knight Rises Dark Berry

Dark Knight Rises Dark BerryDark Knight Rises Heroclix

I for one feel that the Bat-Mania craze was inevitable and respectively so, as The Dark Knight Rises has all ready proven to be the best movie of 2012, I enjoyed it watching it twice now.

Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Movie Masters figure

Goggles down!



Interest has peaked everywhere. While we don’t have Dark Knight cereal or trading cards, we do have Dark Knight Heroclix and Dark Knight Dark Berry Mountain Dew flavor.








And much more awesome products like from the heroine of the film, or anti-heroine I guess I should say, Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of Catwoman presented in figure form through Mattel’s Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters series.

DC Direct Dark Knight Rises Statue

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

There is also a highly detailed superb quality DC Direct Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Statue available as well. The price for this type of item is for very serious collectors only.

It brings me to the article I recently read in an old Tuff Stuff’s Collect! (July 1995, Pg. 18-22) which I will randomly excerpt from:

From: Collecting Batman by Stuart Wells III

More to Come

If you’ve already acquired all the [Batman] toys and cards you can find, be patient. The number of collectibles spawned by the second Batman movie was truly staggering. In 1992, Batman appeared on every possible item of kids’ clothing, plus school and party items, and on almost every kind of toy. At last count, there were nearly 1,000 different Batman Returns-related items. It’s more than likely the new film [Batman Forever] will set off another avalanche of product.”

Gotham Rogues Shirt made for movie

                        Shirt used in the movie, the price paid for it is truly staggering.

Dark Knight Rises Set Pass

Dark Knight Rises Set Pass

I will agree there was a slew of products available from the release of Batman Forever.

In particular, one that I also recently read about in a old Wizard (May 1999 Pg.86) from the Stuff section by David Borak and the Wizard staff (See the scan).

DC Comic’s attempt to cash in at the top level with an item like an official Batarang prop replica, limited to 2,000 pieces. Oh those fortunate (or rather unfortunate) 2,000 people that had to pay the MSRP of only $149.95 USD for this 10″ measured monstrosity of a Batarang.

Upon a quick Google search I couldn’t locate any other information on this product. No pictures or anything. If they made 2,000 of these “pieces” then they would have been bound to have surfaced at auction sites by now. Maybe the release got canned? Who knows?

(Really if you do, please comment or contact!)

Wizard May 1999 Stuff article scan ©2012

Holy Batarangs, Batman!
It’s a pure example of Bat-Mania!


So gaudy just like the entire style of the film.

Batman Forever Batarang figure

Well look at the size of the Batarang that came with the figure, sheesh!

Batman & Robin Batarang

More gaudy Batarangs.

I just can’t seem to remember which movie the Batarang advertised in Wizard is from, Batman Forever? No, their Batarangs looked different. Okay. Next choice.





Maybe Joel Schumacher‘s Batman & Robin‘s Batarangs? Nope they also looked different.


They certainly weren’t the style of Batarang used by Micheal Keaton’s version of Batman. So, what film were these Batarangs replicated from?! What a crock!


The Batarang replica included a COA, just incase you wanted to make sure you were genuinely purchasing the real $150 Batarang, and not just some cheap knock-off one. I love the warning Wizard staff gave to it’s readers ” don’t throw [it] at anybody”. I’ll say it again, ‘Nuff said.


Yes, truly Bat-Mania has returned!

Dark Knight Rises Heroclix

Not trading cards but close enough.             

Dark Knight Rises Batman Cowl and Batarang

Local comic book store celebrates 30th anniversary!

B & D Comics logo  B & D Comic Shop front

The ole’ shop still looks good!

I have the honor and pleasure of writing to you about my local comic book shop and it’s celebration of it’s 30th year in business.

I speak none other than of B & D Comics, located at 802 Elm Avenue SW Roanoke, VA.

B&D Comic Shop 30th anniversary pin

Pin given out at the event

While the storefront still looks just the same and as good if not better than with it’s move there in 1992, the industry on the other hand in which the store depends on, has changed greatly since then.

The store still offers the same great customer service that it has since my very first visit (at the Williamson Road location) when I was only six-years-old.

At the time the person running the counter was Phil Davis, the “D” in B & D Comics. Phil Davis was at the anniversary today in spirit.  The prior owner/operator had moved out of the business years ago but still shared a devotion to comics and their fans. He passed on to God’s light in Spring 2011.

He will not be forgotten. R.I.P. Phil.

Terry Baucom of B & D comics

Terry is the “B” in B & D Comics.
Courtesy of:

Terry Baucom, the “B” in B & D Comics, has and still continues to offer the best customer service to comic book fans in addition to an extensive knowledge and devote passion to the comic books that the business founded itself upon. (If you want to read more about their history, please visit there website: Please do as I won’t attempt to regurgitate it here.)

The event was sunny with warm temperatures and people were greeted with smiles and friendly faces. Food and drink was available along with several vendors, some artists and authors. There were plenty of costumed heroes and heroines.

Broken Dreams (The Dreamshift Chronicles, #1)    Gideon's Loop

In particular a local author, D.L. Silverman, wrote a science fiction thriller, The Dream Shift Chronicles: Broken Dreams, and was a pleasure to meet as well as a fellow author, who wrote the book, Gideon’s Loop, Terry L. Persinger.

Artist illustrating at B & D Comic Shop 30th anniversary

An artist illustrating at B & D Comic Shop 30th anniversary

Baroness autographing for a fan

Baroness autographing a copy of “The Baroness and The Duke” comic book.

Heroes and Heroines alike were there in honor of the anniversary including Ghostbusters, Darth Vader, and Dan “the Man” from Street Fighter and even several more.

The Baroness herself was present and offered autographs and pictures for fans. If you were fortunate enough you may have been able to score a copy of the comic book made especially for the B & D Comic Shop titled The Baroness and The Duke.

The Baroness and The Duke Comic Cover

Very limited, cool comic book from my own local comic book shop that I have shopped at since I was a kid.










This is probably a very limited produced comic, actually making it quite rare. Beyond that it’s just downright cool that my own local comic shop actually has it’s own comic book.

The Baroness and The Duke comic back

Back of B & D Comics Shop’s comic book. It’s a part of history, mine.

Thanks Baroness for autographing mine!

Sweeten Village Handout Front

Given at B & D Comics Shop 30th anniversary




Also present at the celebration was artist Beck Seashols who illustrates the web comic Sweeten Village. I have yet to have the chance to fully check out any of the things offered by the artists and authors that I met at the event, but my interests are strongly intrigued.

My fiancée was interested in Ms. Seashols web comic and it reminded her of one of her favorite video games, Fairytale Fights.

Fairytale Fights Video Game UK cover

Fairytale Fights Video Game

My fiancée is also a fan and collector of the Grimm Fairy Tale comic book series and has been for years and Sweeten Village was very peaking to her interests.

Inside B & D Comic Shop

Terry Baucom, owner operator of B & D Comics Shop, still being the best comic book shop in the Roanoke Valley.

We also enjoyed our visit inside the comic shop as well. Many people were there and the store was bustling along with business as it should be.

Booming Business at B & D Comics!

I always liked seeing the older and rarer (usually key books) on the wall behind the counter. They always were so neat to see on display as a child. But you knew you’d never afford the prices, those were adult priced (no, I don’t mean that, I mean only adults had that much money) comics. Or at least thats how I thought when I was a kid. So cool!

Inside B & D Comics

Bustling business with comic book collectors, inside B & D Comics Shop.

Comic book readers and collectors alike, young, old, male and female, were present at the 30th anniversary.

As stated we picked up a few good reads while we were there, a new book and even some back issues!

B & D Comic Shop visit pickups

From left to right:
Batman Versus Bane, Detective Comics #623, Grimm Fairy Tales #75 Cover A

The Batman Versus Bane was something I have been meaning to read and what better timing then after seeing The Dark Knight Rises as of recent.

The Detective Comics 623 was an impulse buy. Just look at the cover, it’s priceless!

I recently was researching about the Ace the Bat-Hound and upon seeing this couldn’t resist it at the price of $1 (that’s the original 1990 cover price! That’s B & D Comics for ya!).

B & D Comic Shop wall

I paused for a moment here and reminisced about 1993.

Of course the Grimm Fairy Tales was for my fiancée. (Still we noticed it says on the cover, “Cover A”. It’s getting ridiculous Zenescope, it really is…)

I took a moment while I was browsing the “wall” of comics where they have had new titles available for as long as I can remember.

In that moment I remembered walking up to this wall and seeing all the comics. The time was mid 1993 after the waning of Bat-Mania from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film had worn thin. By then things were pretty sorry for Batman fans that were kids.

Batman wasn’t even in the recently released DC Cosmic Cards (1992), what a crock!

DC Cosmic Cards 1992

DC Cosmic Cards 1992

Out of nowhere I noticed the Batman issue currently at the time had this weird half black and white cover flap thing that I thought was cool (a simple but clever gimmick, that worked no doubt).

Batman 497 Knightfall Part 11

Batman 497
Knightfall Part 11

I go to grab the comic from the shelf, and it is Batman 497, Knightfall Part 11, The breaking of the Batman. I couldn’t believe what I saw. How could it be possible that this cool entity I knew as Batman, could be presented as such?

B & D Comics wall

Anyone who was a regular of B & D Comics recognizes that “Hot News” backboard image anywhere. I know I do when I see it.

Breaking of the Batman

Bane breaking Batman

It didn’t matter, it was there in my face. Screaming my name, saying that I must know what happens to Batman! My eyes quickly focus on the newsstand price tag.

Only a $1.25, I thought to myself, gripping the other various titles I had intended on purchasing in my hand along with my five dollars. (Most books were averaged at the price of $1 or a little more. I usually could get four a week.)




I had to get my Silver Surfer, Daredevil, and Spider-Man. But the extra title I would buy this week was going to be Batman! It was the first time I bought a real Batman comic book. I was enjoying comics for the reason they were meant to be enjoyed, for being comics books nothing more.

B & D Comics Baroness

Classic Baroness

B & D Comic Shop 30th anniversary

B & D Comics provided that opportunity for me to have that experience, and I will not forgot it.

Thank you Terry and Phil, and Happy Anniversary B & D Comics!

New artwork for B & D comic heroes

Thank you B & D Comics!

Read more of recent news stories featuring B & D Comics:

Bats in my belfry! (Dark Knight Rises spoiler alert!)

This post brought to you in part by:

For the Love of Willadean

JD: “You’ve got bats, in the belfry!”


I know many of you might be feeling the same as I am after seeing the latest summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises.

You feel like you want to see more Batman and pronto!

I have a recommendation for you fans of the Batman who need something new and fresh to help the long wait before Warner Bros. even thinks of releasing another Batman movie (Justice League won’t count).

Batman Beyond!

I’ve all ready heard many people discussing the next iteration of Batman and many will agree that Batman Beyond is a great choice.

If they were to reboot the Batman franchise, which they would have to because of the agreement with Christopher Nolan that stipulates no continuations from his story line, this would be one Warner Bros. could and should do.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt could easily be under contract for “new” Batman franchise that would be not a continuation from Nolan’s, especially if it was to be Batman Beyond.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

His name is Robin, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be Robin or even Nightwing for that matter. But if I had to make choice, he would make a good Nightwing I believe, or a good Terry McGinnis, but that wouldn’t work at all story wise.

I’m sure Warner Bros. didn’t paint themselves into a corner to not be able to make more money from this franchise, that would be complete idiocy on their behalf.

It is possible with the play up at the end of the film that he could in fact become Robin, Nightwing, or the new interation of Batman, which could easily be Batman Beyond.

Sure it wouldn’t follow the story line of Batman Beyond, mainly because Batman Beyond wasn’t orphaned his entire life and doesn’t have the name Robin John Blake, instead it is Terry McGinnis.

Regardless you should definitely check out Batman Beyond, it’s a great story and once you’ve seen it you can make the judgement for yourself whether you think the future of Batman lies in the Tomorrow Knight version of the Dark Knight.

Batman Beyond also has new room to be developed for that means new enemies or new versions of old ones at least.

Similar to Ultimate Venom for Ultimate Spider-Man, they could easily have a Batman Beyond version of the Joker (as they all ready have in animated form) and more, like a Batman Beyond version of Bane!


It’s just like Mega Man and Mega Man X, two different stories, just similar in certain ways.

You respect both in their own rights. For me it doesn’t deter my enjoyment of such stories, in fact it helps make them better!

Classic Mega Man

Mega Man/Rock Man

Mega Man X Boxart SNES

Mega Man X




That’s how I see it anyway. Back to Batman.

Vegeance of Bane 1 second printing

Bane First Appearance

Or even better a new enemy that’s even cooler than Bane but new like he was in 1993!

I feel like Bane was to Batman as Carnage was to Spider-Man.

Man-Bat 1

Take Man-Bat mix him with Venom like Bane had. Two villains into one. Might be too much.
But Man-Bat could be cool like Toxin.



Maybe they could do something crazy like The Man-Bat mixed with venom like Bane was in the comics. Nowadays a lot of things are possible in movies.

Maximum Carnage

Carnage is equal to Bane! In my opinion.
Courtesy of:

Vengeance of Bane

Bane is equal to Carnage. In my opinion
Courtesy of:

Toxin, the newest original bad-ass villain!

Toxin, the newest original bad-ass villain!
Courtesy of:

Batman Beyond Return of the Joker

Mark Hamill (Joker) returns with original Bruce Wayne/Batman voice Kevin Conroy in this excellent story delivered in animated form!

I would recommend at least watching the Return of the Joker.

This can be found for cheap enough and is well worth your purchase if you are a fan of Batman, especially the popular Batman: The Animated Series that premiered on Fox.

Batman Animated Series

I am Batman!

You should really do yourself the pleasure of watching such a great animated film as Batman Beyond Return of the Joker, you won’t regret it.

Colorado Tragedy

I’m not very good at these sort of things, but I want to say something here at Modern Collecting because life isn’t always collecting physical (tangible) things, sometimes it’s the things you can’t see or touch that are worth collecting as well.






















I wanted to take a moment to post about the tragedy that occurred in Aurora, Colorado at the premier of the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

My condolences for the victims and their families. My empathy for the shooter, may God have mercy on his soul.

The Dark Knight Rises chalk symbol

Rise above hate

I live on the east coast, but I also know this could have been anywhere and at any time (I was several miles away, yet at a midnight premier that night as well with a fully packed theater, with my fiancé).

The culprit decided to use the movie’s popularity to his own advantage to plan an attack on innocent victims which is above all wrong and not fair to anybody.

I do not like to see any kind of death anywhere. No one deserves to lose their life because they decided to live their life (simply going to see a movie).

Just as well as no one should take a life of anyone not threatening to take their own (an eye for an eye).

Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne

Christian Bale even visited the victims from the tragedy.
We honor that action here at Modern Collecting. More of a hero than Batman himself!

I do not wish to see or hear about the ridiculous notion that the movie caused or created this havoc, as the person that pulled the trigger is responsible for his own actions regardless of motivation.

Past that, I do not think it is reasonable to think that the movie is an actual cause of this violence any more so than the fact the gunman chose to wear his hair short would be argued as a reason.

He was and still is accountable for his actions while the movie has nothing to do with it.

I will say that Christian Bale’s visit to the victims from this tragedy is very commendable.

We here at Modern Collecting honor Mr. Bale’s actions as above the call of duty and we are personally glad to see such support of the human race despite such a tragedy. Thank you Mr. Bale! Your more of a hero than Batman is!

I’m sure there will still be many arguments that the movie has more to do with the cause than simply it was going to be a popular movie that a lot of people would be available at one place at the same time and allow him the chance to commit this crime and with it, garnish a large amount of attention.

Unfortunately, he succeeded and now his picture is all over the place, infamous forever. I will not idolize him nor his actions by allowing him more attention.

Rather the fact that the attention should be toward the (great) movie that some of the victims never got to see completely and never will. Life is too short, enjoy it as much as you can. Be more than Batman. Rise above hate.

Read more about Christian Bale’s heroic actions from the ABC article:

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Comic Book + Sneak Peek Bonus DVD

I’m not a huge fan of Walmart, but I do shop there from time to time. I recently picked up the Amazing Spider-Man Comic Book + Sneak Peek Bonus DVD. Yes it was after I had all ready seen the movie in theaters but still I wanted to for a few reasons.

Reprint of Amazing Spider-Man 6

Cheap and convenient, this reprint fit the bill nicely for me.

ASM Wal-Mart Bonus DVD + Comic Book

I recommend picking this up even after watching the movie, just like I did!

It includes an reprint of Amazing Spider-Man 6, the first appearance of the Lizard which is cool. I often like to read the exact thing that inspired the movies I watch.






Case in point, a very convienient and cheap way to do that. And why not with the added extra like the bonus DVD that was cool to give me more things from the movie to watch after I had all ready seen it (it’s kind of like having a boot-leg of the movie on DVD before it comes out, but not really because that’s illegal).


This is the least produced platform for this title.

The only other way to get more Amazing Spider-Man movie on screen at home (legally) would be to get the video game, preferably for Wii, oddly enough, not PS3.


First appearance of the Lizard!

Comic of the Lizard's origin

Origin of the Lizard in the comic.




The DVD has extras like an exclusive early sneak peek at a scene from the movie, one of the trailers for the movie and the best is a behind-the-scenes of the movie, similar to a short “making of” which are always fun to watch.




Always cool to be able to read the story behind the the movie, even if it is outdated in comparison to what the movie feels like. The movie transcends from the comic well into todays society. It’s almost like I was watching the interpretation by Brian Michael Bendis, Ultimate Spider-Man, on the silver screen instead of a reboot. But that’s just my opinion.

Spider-Man vs. Lizard

End of Lizard

Wait, did Spider-Man just call him…Liz? Yes he did…



Slap all that together with the great price of $3 and I’m sold. The reprint could have sold by itself for a $2.50 retail price. If you have the chance I would definitely recommend picking a copy up for the extras on the DVD if not the reprint of ASM 6 alone.

Cool artwork

Trading Cards Collecting Continued!

Continued from last post

We also collected a lot of non-sports super hero cards.

Marvel Universe Trading Card packs

12 cards to a pack?! Man, they don’t make them like they used to.

The popularity and success of the 1990 Marvel Universe card line caused many other sets and series to be produced from both Marvel and DC. The biggest problem with DC’s first line of cards, Cosmic Cards was one glaring thing.

Action Comics 1 DC Cosmic Card 165

Cool cover cards like this should have been used as inserts. Maybe a different border on them too, something, sheesh!


No, it wasn’t because that they were more cheaply made and less innovative design. It was the fact that they were missing the most currently successful character that DC had, Batman.

But low and behold, you could open all the packs to your hearts content trying to locate a Batman card to go along with all the other DC super hero cards and never a single find one.

Nightwing DC Cosmic Card 65

No Batman, no Robin, but we got Nightwing!

Batman Movie cards 1989

Only $0.45 a pack? Sheesh, Topps must have really been able to make these cheap. And they are by far the one of the cheapest produced cards in history.

That’s because Warner Bros. had the exclusive rights for ole’ Batsy’s trading card license. So DC decided to just not even include him or even Robin card. However, there was a Nightwing card at least.

Depsite all of that the DC Cosmic Cards also suffered because of it’s daunting 180 complete card set. That’s just to many damn cards to collect!

Compile that with uneven production, and no inserts except for 10 Hologram cards. All that makes for a meager outing when compared to Marvel’s initial launch into the trading card world. They sold well I’m sure, but fell off quickly. They still aren’t very sought or valued today, but that is not always so bad, at least for me.


I found my old set and need to fill in a card or two in better condition, and it’s a buyers market out there for these cards!

Flash Hologram DCCC

They should have used cards of the cool comic covers and the like for special inserts instead for normal cards in the set.

That would have been a new idea at the time and probably helped this series retain a little more popularity and value in the long run.

Tuff Stuff's Collect! magazine

I recently found a few back issues at my local thrift store for $2 a piece and couldn’t resist.

The pinnacle of trading card collecting came with the magazine publication Tuff Stuff’s Collect! magazine.

It was a monthly publication dedicated to pricing non-sports cards. The hobby had grown so much that their was indeed demand for a publication such as Tuff Stuff’s Collect!.






Upon reading them I found a lot of letters wrote in by subscribers and articles. Many of them had the same points, all of which I found interesting. Here’s a few of them that I will excerpt from randomly:



From State of the Hobby By Jim Nicewander

“Whatever happened to the hobby we used to know?”

“In their world [sports card collectors 25 years ago as described in 1994] the answer was simple: greed.”

“Sports card collecting became an industry.”

“With sports cards, it seemed that just about every collector became a dealer-in attitude if not in trade.”

“Collectors began to worry less about personal favorites and more about resale value.”

“Today [1994], there are scads of non-sports dealers…There are so many companies producing so many new cards that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them. And if manufacturer is constantly trying to come up with the next hot gimmick.”

“This type of growth is good for the hobby; it means more cards available at competitive prices.”

“So far, they’ve [the multitude of hi-tech gimmicks and manufacturers] only helped to increase the number of collectors.”

I won’t even get into the phone cards collecting that then took place. From what I read, the editor went vacation for his honey moon [From the Editor:Postcard from Aruba; JAN 1995], then he discovered phone cards because he was worried about how the magazine was coming along even though he was on vacation. He had to call using phone cards from overseas.
Phone Cards
And viola! He ended up with all these used phone cards and didn’t throw them away (collecting them) and thus wrote about it and then creating attention for a new hobby, or offshoot of the all ready existing one. Back then print media was the way of communication, especially for the latest information. Now it’s all internet, but back then magazines and newspapers took care of things.




From letters to Collect! Polls, Promos, and Price Guides: Comments and Questions from our readers (Tuff Stuff’s Collect! Magazine; March 1995)

Sandy Cugno

Gainsville, FL. said:

“After 25 years of collecting cards and comics and approximately three years of dealing, I would like to offer the following news…”

“The good: Most everybody is happy…move(s) to a more realistic price listings in several guides are also a plus.”

“The bad: Most everybody is unhappy, frustrated, and downright ticked off over a market glutted with product…too many chase cards…too many levels of chase cards…too many extra gimmick cards…”

“I see a preponderance of greedy, unscrupulous dealers overcharging at every opportunity, as the “sports card” mentality becomes more infused in non-sports [cards].”

Rich Hahn

Largo, FL said:

“I enjoy Collect! magazine…”

“[the single-card promos you insert in your magazine (Ty Cobb Cola-Cola Collection)] [dealers] out there [sell] …a $2 or $3 card to a little boy or girl for $35.”

“I go to card shows…and see it all the time.”

“I’ve had to chance to stop a sale by pointing out the “Tuff Stuff’s Collect!” logo on the back of your “Coca-Cola Collection” Ty Cobb and Polar Bear insert cards.”

“[dealers] are in the business to make money…”

Ty Cobb Coca Cola card 1993

Sounds like to me people were unhappy for legitimate reasons. One main one, greed. It’s just as simple as that, every one wanting to cash in on that cow. Then they do and the milk the utter dry.

And even the magazine themselves (Tuff Stuff’s Collect!) were cashing in with making promo cards available with their bagged monthly publications to help them sell their magazines. Then compounding the bigger problem indirectly by providing these promo cards to dealers taking said cards and reselling for a scalping profit.

Elements like that are what I feel, led to further downfalls within the collecting society and still do to a degree today, but that is the nature of life and business as with anything.

Simpsons Comic guy

“That’ll be $500 dollars!”

Spiderman 1 Todd McFarlane Silver

one cover.










The aftermath from the crash of the mini boom from the comics sales from speculation and big story lines like Batman being broken, and Sup’s Death by Doomsday in the 1990’s didn’t help things either. DC wasn’t alone in this cause of speculation and surplus, Todd McFarlane I’m looking at you with your beginning a whole new trend of Spider-Man bagged, variant covers.

Spiderman 1 Todd McFarlane Gold

two covers…

Spiderman 1 Todd McFarlane

three covers?!
for the same book!?

Superman 500

These were everywhere, it was ridiculous! Even the local supermarket had stacks of them.

Thanks to him, Zenescope is still making their product be about the collectability of the of the cover and not enough about the comic itself.

Grimm Fairy Tails Variant Cover 2

Two covers?!
I mean, I like the artwork, but geez!
Just make one cover already!

Grimm Fairy Tails Variant Cover 1

One cover


After all that, I finally started also becoming more interested in other things, mainly females. But at the same time I still had money to spend on a hobby. That hobby had to be something, and it was Magic the Gathering.

Icy Manipulator




I played MTG when I was in the seventh grade starting with 4th edition. I abandoned the game for several years leaving my cards safely shelved.

Later on a friend in high school took a large interest in the game suddenly and I disclosed to him how I had a stash of cards from when I used to play years ago.

At first he didn’t believe me, but when I delivered my large collection of cards as promised, he then ate his words. We ended up sorting through them and I enjoyed being able to once again trade them, even though they were my old cards.

Grinning Totem Mirage


















We never played in any tournaments or anything like that, we just enjoyed playing for fun. Many times we would have four way multi-player games where it was every man for himself.

Temporary alliances were always formed but soon broken at the precise time (usually after a strong arsenal, and good hand were established, or when you were going to have to discard something wastefully), sometimes meaning you had to throw a rock in the pond.

But it was always loads of laughter and fun. Those were good card collecting days still, roughly in 1999-2000 up until the end of 2001.

Wacky Erasers

Oversaturation of Wacky Package products?

After that I didn’t really think much of collecting much. The little bit that I did collect was video games and even then I stopped playing those altogether for awhile too. It was a different time in my life but a time of discovery.

After my hiatus from gaming and collecting, I eventually came back to collecting cards with Wacky Package ANS2 in 2006. It reminded me of collecting them when I was young, but being an adult with more money to spend, I enjoyed opening pack after pack and the thrill of sliding each one into it’s sleeve until I had the complete set. It was true bliss to be back collecting cards, collecting anything! I was’t worried about the investment either, I just wanted to collect the set because I enjoyed seeing all the different spoofs. But again, even as we speak today, it has become an industry respectfully. I had to make sure I protected them and of course when they offer you an official collectors album, they can get you hook, line and sinker.

Wacky Packages Erasers Series 1

Collect all 24! Store them…somehow!

Wacky Packages is even a culprit for buying into the gimmicky stunts, not that Topps hasn’t (They were responsible for the cheap Batman movie cards). Take for instance their latest Wacky Packages erasers. They are really cool, but how and they hell am I supposed to store these? (Maybe the local craft stores will have a button or bead case that will work? I don’t know!)


Again it’s the same issue I had with pogz years ago, and when you can’t collect something the way you would like, you lose interest and fans tend to wane from collecting entirely.

However, I have to agree with some of the points that were stated earlier, I think things like the erasers help and also hurt but in the end are overall good. I still want to get a set, but then what will I do with them? Such is the dilemma of a collector I suppose.

I’ll update if you I do get a set!

Thanks for reading this article. Please check back again soon for more topics on collecting!

Trading Cards Collecting!

Piles of trading cards in a box

I just pulled out totes of cards from my collecting over the years!

Much can be said about the huge phenomenon that is card collecting. Sports cards, non-sports cards, trading cards (I don’t think their isn’t a card that isn’t tradable or collectable, do you?) you name it, cards have been around for along time and have risen and fallen only to rise again, and then later to fall afterwards. Such is life I suppose.

Platinum League Trading Cards 2012

Platinum League Trading Cards 2012

But let’s examine some of the interesting points throughout the history of trading cards, especially through the era when I was young and collecting many of the trading cards that hit a huge boom through out the late 1980’s through the mid 1990’s on through today’s modern card collecting!

The Great Bambino

The Great Bambino

Garbage Pail Kids Cards from 1980's

Cards I collected when I was around six years old.

It used to be I collected Garbage Pail Kids Cards to start with. We would buy packs as kids for around 50 cents a pack.

I think you would roughly get eight to ten cards in a pack. But we enjoyed actually trading them among one another.

Me and my brother used to trade for the other ones that we liked. I never remember trying to get a full set or anything like that I just tried to acquire the ones like I liked, usually from the picture that it had on it.










The artwork from the card series in the 1980’s was exactly what most kids had on their minds, blood and guts (movies like Rambo and the like helped fuel those notions in young boys, why else did they make kids lunch boxes with Rambo on them? Not for adult men to take to work!).

Rambo Lunch Box

Rambo helped make guns cool to kids. I’m dead serious.

Many cards from this era had blood and depictions of violence (like Dinosaurs Attack! Trading Cards).

Dinosaurs Attack Card Sticker

Trading cards in the 1980’s that depicted blood and violence.

Garbage Pail Kids Card were no exception. They were without a doubt very popular among many children of the time.

Another set of cards in the 1980’s that was popular was Topp’s Wacky Packages trading cards. Opting for less violence and gore, but not completely removed of it. They still contained very crude and radical depictions of various spoof products.

The only place I knew of to purchase these card at the time was 7-11 Stores. I remember specifically among my friends at school that also collected the cards, that the one card spoofing Dove ice-cream bars was extremely popular in elementary school for it’s depiction of a duck having a stick shoved up inside of it (presumably its anus).

It was also very convincing that the chocolate of the spoof “Duck Bars” looked like feces not certainly not the appetizing chocolate that Dove Bars contain.

Regardless the stigma with the card was there and many of the card collectors in my school that collected Wacky Packages wanted that card. I ended up trading for one and also getting one in a pack one time. Such is the minds of young boys who like blood and guts, and nasty stuff.

Duck Bar card

Card #40

I still have one of them (not that they are worth much, I can easily get one from the internet from a collector for cheap enough, but they are kind of scare now, maybe a lot of children who got duplicates or ended up using them as stickers?).

They were stickers on cards. And I myself used to use some of m duplicates to decorate things, like my dishpan (used to hold our books, a cheap excuse for a locker in elementary school if you will). Many other kids did this as well.

Maybe those left on the actual cards are more scare now and deserve to be given a little more attention to there value. They are a perfect reminder of what the card collecting was among me and my friends at the time, and I will always remember them.

Official Wacky Packages Collector Album

Wacky Packages cards



Today they are still making Wacky Packages, and I have to say I’m still a fan of them. Not as racy or raunchy as they used to be, they are still just as absurd as they once were. The biggest difference is now, just like with what happens with most media you have all kinds of special insert cards, chase cards, etc. Trying to cash in at any and every chance they stop at nothing to get you buy more. Limited edition this, rare insert that. I feel the words “collector edition” are way overused now.


The Wacky Packages today even have erasers, not even cards. They have had some cool things like magnets cards which were really cool!

Amazing Spitter-Man card

Spitter-Man, Spitter-Man, does whatever a spitter…can?

Wacky Packages Cereals

Exclusive stickers in an limited box set. Not sure if it’s a whole entire set though. I don’t want to open it to find out, ugh!


There were also video game trading cards when I was younger as well. These were the scratcher like Nintendo trading cards that offered the collector a chance to play a game with no real prize other than a damaged or thus valuable card as far a trading value went.

Nobody wants a used scratcher, just like nobody want used toilet paper. Regardless the cards still retained some value because of the helpful tips and hints for various games on the back of them. These proved to be very popular among card collectors and my self when I was younger.

Nintendo Trading Cards

Nintendo wouldn’t want to do these nowadays in fear of them being related to gambling, which is an adult thing.





Obviously adult collectors never collected these seriously and still don’t today. Which is why collectors my age now will eventually want to get them again. I doubt they will ever be worth a whole heck of a lot, but that’s OK, they are a blast from the past!

Super Mario Galaxy trading foil cards





Nintendo is still making trading cards today. In mostly Mario franchises, but still being made nonetheless. Take for  instance the Super Mario Galaxy trading card series released in 2009. Filled with all kinds of inserts like pop-up cards, tattoos and foil cards, the set proved popular among collectors.

They were not the first line of cards by Nintendo in recent times, that honor goes to the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess trading cards.

Because of the popularity of the games, they made trading cards for them. LOZ Twilight Princess was no exception. Many people anticipate the release of that game for several years. It is to date, the only Zelda game to be released for two different systems simultaneously within the same medium (CDs on both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube).

Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess foil card

Woah! Getting a little risqué there Nintendo!
Kid friendly right?

Super Mario Galaxy trading cards

We had New Kids on the Block cards back then, now we have Platinum League cards and PopStarz cards. Trading cards have prevailed, that’s for sure. But they are not nearly as prominent as they used to be.

Anyone could argue that the 1990’s was filled with a slue of non-sports and sports trading card series. So many gimmicks and sales penetration points to try to get in on the boom before it’s explosion and leave before it’s crash are what lead to the crash coming, but where else would we have gotten our Batman Forever cards from? (JOKING).

Batman Forever Trading Cards and later super hero trading cards

But it did lead to other gimmicks and moves in the medium to create more things like Pogz and all the like products.

Pogz Collection ©2012

Everything had a pog version of it somewhere. And it was extremely popular among kids at school. It was the last kind of trading card to be traded, except for later Magic the Gathering in middle school and again in high school.

Brass slammer pog 1993

Old brass slammer pog 1993

The pog game became something that was fun and cool to do and created a craze. It also gave people something else to start collecting like cards that was novel. It didn’t last too long before it fell off.

Pogz sheets

Still hard to find these damn sheets!

One problem I remember having is the fact the pog sheets were impossible to find, and were more expensive than regular card sheets.

This made protecting your valuable pogz much harder to do. It made you have to seek out cylinders like I had to keep them in.

Those were your only two options, otherwise you were stuck with a bag or a shoebox, and that must have sucked!

DC Batman Knightfall Pog

“Revenge of Robin’s Death!” pog!

To be continued in next post!

DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition Catman figure Review

Cat-Man figure

I’m Cat-man!

I’ve decided to review the DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition Catman figure because, well I think it deserves it!

This is actually a pretty cool character to make into a figure. And it’s proving to be an item collectors seem to like.

Detective Comics 311

Challenging is the Cat-Man!

First appearing in Detective Comics issue 311, the character has seem to become long forgotten, with the exception of Mattel’s latest iteration.

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edtion figure

The figure is intended for an adult collector as displayed prominently on the outside top of the box.

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition figure

For the Adult Collector




The figure also includes a stand with the character’s name and an exclusive Comic Book Poster.

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edtion figure with poster

Exclusive Comic Book Poster Included with figure


Really good job on the packing of the figure, very sturdy but also a good design. Good choice of color and bubble shape. The artwork on the side is a plus (featured in picture).

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition figure

Cool artwork on the side of the box!

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edtion figure

The figure isn’t very easy to pose without the stand, but isn’t too much easier with it.

Otherwise the figure is able to be posed in a number of ways. However most are hard do and keep the figure balanced as well.

Although this is all to common with many figures today, especially Adult Collector themed ones (Not that it should be that way, I just accept that it is).

As detailed as the figures are, they are almost impossible to pose without assistance.

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition figure with stand


Take for instance that CatMan here comes with his own stand and yet is just as difficult to pose and keep him balanced with or without the stand.

It was hard just to get him to pose for these pictures  for display.

Many of Mattel’s DC figures turn out this way, even The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters figures more currently.

The size difference between the two lines (The Dark Knight Movie Masters versus the Legacy Edition) seem to make a difference as well.

Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters figures

That’s about all those figures can do as far as posing ability goes, very little else.

At least CatMan does come with a stand. Now Movie Masters have not come with a stand to date.

They usually just come with accessories (like crime scene evidence and build-a-bat signal).

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition figure

Despite the posable issues, which are mainly due to balance, the figure is still very detailed.

It feels like it is made of quality plastic material similar to Dark Knight Movie Masters. It sports very good detail for the retail price.

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition figure

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition figure

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition figure

The CatBelt!

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy figure with stand

“Make my day bub!” (wait that’s someone, er oops!)

The inclusion of the claws accessories, the stand and the poster are a nice added bonus too.

Wolverine figure

Sorry Wolvey, we didn’t mean it!

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition Exclusive Comic Poster poster

Pretty sweet artwork I might add!

However, the poster was somewhat of an issue to unroll for scanning and displaying purposes.

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition Exclusive Comic Book Poster

Hard to get the clear rubber band off without damaging and hard to keep unrolled!

I wanted to put the poster in a frame as I like to do with all my posters, but find I’m going to have to press it flat for awhile.

I’m not sure if there is much of a better solution to be able to include the poster with the figure short of having it folded which I don’t like to have posters folded but I guess it’s a subjective choice.

I could go either way really. You might know of a better solution, feel free to comment.

Overall the figure is worth the pickup. The added bonuses are nice, but could use a bit of improvement when it comes to delivery of those bonuses and the ease of posing the figure.

CatMan DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition figure

Cat-Man, pretty damn cool!

Amazing Spider-Man Ultra Posable figure Review

Amazing Spider-Man Movie figure Review

Amazing Spider-Man Movie

I finally got to get a chance to write this review of this figure and I will say this is a pretty decent figure to add to anyone’s collection. It really is very posable for being such a small figure. With at least over 20 points of articulation, I’d said Hasbro gave me my money’s worth.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie figure Review

Classic Spider-Man pose!

Amazing Spider-Man

Not easy to pose the Ultra Posable Amazing Spider-Man Movie Series figure in this pose from the movie.




While there are always room for improvements, this figure needs only a few slight things  adjusted, but even then those are very minor gripes.

Overall this figure is worth the time to pick up, two if you’re like me! I enjoyed making my wall crawler pose as best I could.

The biggest complaint from the minor improvements that could be made would be better ability to pose in certain poses like in the movie. Such as I attempted here. Alas, nothing can be perfect and the ability to pose is usually a slight issue with all figures.



However, this figure comes close enough for my opinion.

Bottom line, it’s worth it. Ten duckets is a price I’m not willing to argue with for this cool iteration of the latest incarnation of the cool super hero we know as the Amazing Spider-Man!