My first Blu-Ray movie purchases, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

I have finally began the adoption of the superior technology that is Blu-Ray and what better movies to purchase than Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I’m usually not one that “can’t live without” the best quality of things, like Blu-Ray but for the price of $10 a piece at Walmart, you can’t really go wrong.

My fiancee and I both agreed that we would patiently wait until it gets closer to the upcoming movie’s release before re-re-watching the first two flicks (we watched both about a year ago, as they are good enough to watch at least once a year if not more).

Batman Begins on Blu-Ray

The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray











We all ready owned the DVD version but now are even more excited to see it in Blu-Ray in HD. We are set to see the film on June 19 at a special midnight showtime at our local theater and before then we will spend the day watching the first two films beforehand so we can pretty much go straight from watching The Dark Knight at home to watching The Dark Knight Rises on the silver screen shortly thereafter.

The Dark Knight Rises poster


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