Amazing Spider-Man Ultra Posable figure Review

Amazing Spider-Man Movie figure Review

Amazing Spider-Man Movie

I finally got to get a chance to write this review of this figure and I will say this is a pretty decent figure to add to anyone’s collection. It really is very posable for being such a small figure. With at least over 20 points of articulation, I’d said Hasbro gave me my money’s worth.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie figure Review

Classic Spider-Man pose!

Amazing Spider-Man

Not easy to pose the Ultra Posable Amazing Spider-Man Movie Series figure in this pose from the movie.




While there are always room for improvements, this figure needs only a few slight things  adjusted, but even then those are very minor gripes.

Overall this figure is worth the time to pick up, two if you’re like me! I enjoyed making my wall crawler pose as best I could.

The biggest complaint from the minor improvements that could be made would be better ability to pose in certain poses like in the movie. Such as I attempted here. Alas, nothing can be perfect and the ability to pose is usually a slight issue with all figures.



However, this figure comes close enough for my opinion.

Bottom line, it’s worth it. Ten duckets is a price I’m not willing to argue with for this cool iteration of the latest incarnation of the cool super hero we know as the Amazing Spider-Man!


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