Trading Cards Collecting!

Piles of trading cards in a box

I just pulled out totes of cards from my collecting over the years!

Much can be said about the huge phenomenon that is card collecting. Sports cards, non-sports cards, trading cards (I don’t think their isn’t a card that isn’t tradable or collectable, do you?) you name it, cards have been around for along time and have risen and fallen only to rise again, and then later to fall afterwards. Such is life I suppose.

Platinum League Trading Cards 2012

Platinum League Trading Cards 2012

But let’s examine some of the interesting points throughout the history of trading cards, especially through the era when I was young and collecting many of the trading cards that hit a huge boom through out the late 1980’s through the mid 1990’s on through today’s modern card collecting!

The Great Bambino

The Great Bambino

Garbage Pail Kids Cards from 1980's

Cards I collected when I was around six years old.

It used to be I collected Garbage Pail Kids Cards to start with. We would buy packs as kids for around 50 cents a pack.

I think you would roughly get eight to ten cards in a pack. But we enjoyed actually trading them among one another.

Me and my brother used to trade for the other ones that we liked. I never remember trying to get a full set or anything like that I just tried to acquire the ones like I liked, usually from the picture that it had on it.










The artwork from the card series in the 1980’s was exactly what most kids had on their minds, blood and guts (movies like Rambo and the like helped fuel those notions in young boys, why else did they make kids lunch boxes with Rambo on them? Not for adult men to take to work!).

Rambo Lunch Box

Rambo helped make guns cool to kids. I’m dead serious.

Many cards from this era had blood and depictions of violence (like Dinosaurs Attack! Trading Cards).

Dinosaurs Attack Card Sticker

Trading cards in the 1980’s that depicted blood and violence.

Garbage Pail Kids Card were no exception. They were without a doubt very popular among many children of the time.

Another set of cards in the 1980’s that was popular was Topp’s Wacky Packages trading cards. Opting for less violence and gore, but not completely removed of it. They still contained very crude and radical depictions of various spoof products.

The only place I knew of to purchase these card at the time was 7-11 Stores. I remember specifically among my friends at school that also collected the cards, that the one card spoofing Dove ice-cream bars was extremely popular in elementary school for it’s depiction of a duck having a stick shoved up inside of it (presumably its anus).

It was also very convincing that the chocolate of the spoof “Duck Bars” looked like feces not certainly not the appetizing chocolate that Dove Bars contain.

Regardless the stigma with the card was there and many of the card collectors in my school that collected Wacky Packages wanted that card. I ended up trading for one and also getting one in a pack one time. Such is the minds of young boys who like blood and guts, and nasty stuff.

Duck Bar card

Card #40

I still have one of them (not that they are worth much, I can easily get one from the internet from a collector for cheap enough, but they are kind of scare now, maybe a lot of children who got duplicates or ended up using them as stickers?).

They were stickers on cards. And I myself used to use some of m duplicates to decorate things, like my dishpan (used to hold our books, a cheap excuse for a locker in elementary school if you will). Many other kids did this as well.

Maybe those left on the actual cards are more scare now and deserve to be given a little more attention to there value. They are a perfect reminder of what the card collecting was among me and my friends at the time, and I will always remember them.

Official Wacky Packages Collector Album

Wacky Packages cards



Today they are still making Wacky Packages, and I have to say I’m still a fan of them. Not as racy or raunchy as they used to be, they are still just as absurd as they once were. The biggest difference is now, just like with what happens with most media you have all kinds of special insert cards, chase cards, etc. Trying to cash in at any and every chance they stop at nothing to get you buy more. Limited edition this, rare insert that. I feel the words “collector edition” are way overused now.


The Wacky Packages today even have erasers, not even cards. They have had some cool things like magnets cards which were really cool!

Amazing Spitter-Man card

Spitter-Man, Spitter-Man, does whatever a spitter…can?

Wacky Packages Cereals

Exclusive stickers in an limited box set. Not sure if it’s a whole entire set though. I don’t want to open it to find out, ugh!


There were also video game trading cards when I was younger as well. These were the scratcher like Nintendo trading cards that offered the collector a chance to play a game with no real prize other than a damaged or thus valuable card as far a trading value went.

Nobody wants a used scratcher, just like nobody want used toilet paper. Regardless the cards still retained some value because of the helpful tips and hints for various games on the back of them. These proved to be very popular among card collectors and my self when I was younger.

Nintendo Trading Cards

Nintendo wouldn’t want to do these nowadays in fear of them being related to gambling, which is an adult thing.





Obviously adult collectors never collected these seriously and still don’t today. Which is why collectors my age now will eventually want to get them again. I doubt they will ever be worth a whole heck of a lot, but that’s OK, they are a blast from the past!

Super Mario Galaxy trading foil cards





Nintendo is still making trading cards today. In mostly Mario franchises, but still being made nonetheless. Take for  instance the Super Mario Galaxy trading card series released in 2009. Filled with all kinds of inserts like pop-up cards, tattoos and foil cards, the set proved popular among collectors.

They were not the first line of cards by Nintendo in recent times, that honor goes to the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess trading cards.

Because of the popularity of the games, they made trading cards for them. LOZ Twilight Princess was no exception. Many people anticipate the release of that game for several years. It is to date, the only Zelda game to be released for two different systems simultaneously within the same medium (CDs on both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube).

Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess foil card

Woah! Getting a little risqué there Nintendo!
Kid friendly right?

Super Mario Galaxy trading cards

We had New Kids on the Block cards back then, now we have Platinum League cards and PopStarz cards. Trading cards have prevailed, that’s for sure. But they are not nearly as prominent as they used to be.

Anyone could argue that the 1990’s was filled with a slue of non-sports and sports trading card series. So many gimmicks and sales penetration points to try to get in on the boom before it’s explosion and leave before it’s crash are what lead to the crash coming, but where else would we have gotten our Batman Forever cards from? (JOKING).

Batman Forever Trading Cards and later super hero trading cards

But it did lead to other gimmicks and moves in the medium to create more things like Pogz and all the like products.

Pogz Collection ©2012

Everything had a pog version of it somewhere. And it was extremely popular among kids at school. It was the last kind of trading card to be traded, except for later Magic the Gathering in middle school and again in high school.

Brass slammer pog 1993

Old brass slammer pog 1993

The pog game became something that was fun and cool to do and created a craze. It also gave people something else to start collecting like cards that was novel. It didn’t last too long before it fell off.

Pogz sheets

Still hard to find these damn sheets!

One problem I remember having is the fact the pog sheets were impossible to find, and were more expensive than regular card sheets.

This made protecting your valuable pogz much harder to do. It made you have to seek out cylinders like I had to keep them in.

Those were your only two options, otherwise you were stuck with a bag or a shoebox, and that must have sucked!

DC Batman Knightfall Pog

“Revenge of Robin’s Death!” pog!

To be continued in next post!


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