The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Comic Book + Sneak Peek Bonus DVD

I’m not a huge fan of Walmart, but I do shop there from time to time. I recently picked up the Amazing Spider-Man Comic Book + Sneak Peek Bonus DVD. Yes it was after I had all ready seen the movie in theaters but still I wanted to for a few reasons.

Reprint of Amazing Spider-Man 6

Cheap and convenient, this reprint fit the bill nicely for me.

ASM Wal-Mart Bonus DVD + Comic Book

I recommend picking this up even after watching the movie, just like I did!

It includes an reprint of Amazing Spider-Man 6, the first appearance of the Lizard which is cool. I often like to read the exact thing that inspired the movies I watch.






Case in point, a very convienient and cheap way to do that. And why not with the added extra like the bonus DVD that was cool to give me more things from the movie to watch after I had all ready seen it (it’s kind of like having a boot-leg of the movie on DVD before it comes out, but not really because that’s illegal).


This is the least produced platform for this title.

The only other way to get more Amazing Spider-Man movie on screen at home (legally) would be to get the video game, preferably for Wii, oddly enough, not PS3.


First appearance of the Lizard!

Comic of the Lizard's origin

Origin of the Lizard in the comic.




The DVD has extras like an exclusive early sneak peek at a scene from the movie, one of the trailers for the movie and the best is a behind-the-scenes of the movie, similar to a short “making of” which are always fun to watch.




Always cool to be able to read the story behind the the movie, even if it is outdated in comparison to what the movie feels like. The movie transcends from the comic well into todays society. It’s almost like I was watching the interpretation by Brian Michael Bendis, Ultimate Spider-Man, on the silver screen instead of a reboot. But that’s just my opinion.

Spider-Man vs. Lizard

End of Lizard

Wait, did Spider-Man just call him…Liz? Yes he did…



Slap all that together with the great price of $3 and I’m sold. The reprint could have sold by itself for a $2.50 retail price. If you have the chance I would definitely recommend picking a copy up for the extras on the DVD if not the reprint of ASM 6 alone.

Cool artwork


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