Colorado Tragedy

I’m not very good at these sort of things, but I want to say something here at Modern Collecting because life isn’t always collecting physical (tangible) things, sometimes it’s the things you can’t see or touch that are worth collecting as well.






















I wanted to take a moment to post about the tragedy that occurred in Aurora, Colorado at the premier of the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

My condolences for the victims and their families. My empathy for the shooter, may God have mercy on his soul.

The Dark Knight Rises chalk symbol

Rise above hate

I live on the east coast, but I also know this could have been anywhere and at any time (I was several miles away, yet at a midnight premier that night as well with a fully packed theater, with my fiancé).

The culprit decided to use the movie’s popularity to his own advantage to plan an attack on innocent victims which is above all wrong and not fair to anybody.

I do not like to see any kind of death anywhere. No one deserves to lose their life because they decided to live their life (simply going to see a movie).

Just as well as no one should take a life of anyone not threatening to take their own (an eye for an eye).

Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne

Christian Bale even visited the victims from the tragedy.
We honor that action here at Modern Collecting. More of a hero than Batman himself!

I do not wish to see or hear about the ridiculous notion that the movie caused or created this havoc, as the person that pulled the trigger is responsible for his own actions regardless of motivation.

Past that, I do not think it is reasonable to think that the movie is an actual cause of this violence any more so than the fact the gunman chose to wear his hair short would be argued as a reason.

He was and still is accountable for his actions while the movie has nothing to do with it.

I will say that Christian Bale’s visit to the victims from this tragedy is very commendable.

We here at Modern Collecting honor Mr. Bale’s actions as above the call of duty and we are personally glad to see such support of the human race despite such a tragedy. Thank you Mr. Bale! Your more of a hero than Batman is!

I’m sure there will still be many arguments that the movie has more to do with the cause than simply it was going to be a popular movie that a lot of people would be available at one place at the same time and allow him the chance to commit this crime and with it, garnish a large amount of attention.

Unfortunately, he succeeded and now his picture is all over the place, infamous forever. I will not idolize him nor his actions by allowing him more attention.

Rather the fact that the attention should be toward the (great) movie that some of the victims never got to see completely and never will. Life is too short, enjoy it as much as you can. Be more than Batman. Rise above hate.

Read more about Christian Bale’s heroic actions from the ABC article:

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