Bats in my belfry! (Dark Knight Rises spoiler alert!)

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JD: “You’ve got bats, in the belfry!”


I know many of you might be feeling the same as I am after seeing the latest summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises.

You feel like you want to see more Batman and pronto!

I have a recommendation for you fans of the Batman who need something new and fresh to help the long wait before Warner Bros. even thinks of releasing another Batman movie (Justice League won’t count).

Batman Beyond!

I’ve all ready heard many people discussing the next iteration of Batman and many will agree that Batman Beyond is a great choice.

If they were to reboot the Batman franchise, which they would have to because of the agreement with Christopher Nolan that stipulates no continuations from his story line, this would be one Warner Bros. could and should do.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt could easily be under contract for “new” Batman franchise that would be not a continuation from Nolan’s, especially if it was to be Batman Beyond.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

His name is Robin, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be Robin or even Nightwing for that matter. But if I had to make choice, he would make a good Nightwing I believe, or a good Terry McGinnis, but that wouldn’t work at all story wise.

I’m sure Warner Bros. didn’t paint themselves into a corner to not be able to make more money from this franchise, that would be complete idiocy on their behalf.

It is possible with the play up at the end of the film that he could in fact become Robin, Nightwing, or the new interation of Batman, which could easily be Batman Beyond.

Sure it wouldn’t follow the story line of Batman Beyond, mainly because Batman Beyond wasn’t orphaned his entire life and doesn’t have the name Robin John Blake, instead it is Terry McGinnis.

Regardless you should definitely check out Batman Beyond, it’s a great story and once you’ve seen it you can make the judgement for yourself whether you think the future of Batman lies in the Tomorrow Knight version of the Dark Knight.

Batman Beyond also has new room to be developed for that means new enemies or new versions of old ones at least.

Similar to Ultimate Venom for Ultimate Spider-Man, they could easily have a Batman Beyond version of the Joker (as they all ready have in animated form) and more, like a Batman Beyond version of Bane!


It’s just like Mega Man and Mega Man X, two different stories, just similar in certain ways.

You respect both in their own rights. For me it doesn’t deter my enjoyment of such stories, in fact it helps make them better!

Classic Mega Man

Mega Man/Rock Man

Mega Man X Boxart SNES

Mega Man X




That’s how I see it anyway. Back to Batman.

Vegeance of Bane 1 second printing

Bane First Appearance

Or even better a new enemy that’s even cooler than Bane but new like he was in 1993!

I feel like Bane was to Batman as Carnage was to Spider-Man.

Man-Bat 1

Take Man-Bat mix him with Venom like Bane had. Two villains into one. Might be too much.
But Man-Bat could be cool like Toxin.



Maybe they could do something crazy like The Man-Bat mixed with venom like Bane was in the comics. Nowadays a lot of things are possible in movies.

Maximum Carnage

Carnage is equal to Bane! In my opinion.
Courtesy of:

Vengeance of Bane

Bane is equal to Carnage. In my opinion
Courtesy of:

Toxin, the newest original bad-ass villain!

Toxin, the newest original bad-ass villain!
Courtesy of:

Batman Beyond Return of the Joker

Mark Hamill (Joker) returns with original Bruce Wayne/Batman voice Kevin Conroy in this excellent story delivered in animated form!

I would recommend at least watching the Return of the Joker.

This can be found for cheap enough and is well worth your purchase if you are a fan of Batman, especially the popular Batman: The Animated Series that premiered on Fox.

Batman Animated Series

I am Batman!

You should really do yourself the pleasure of watching such a great animated film as Batman Beyond Return of the Joker, you won’t regret it.


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