Local comic book store celebrates 30th anniversary!

B & D Comics logo  B & D Comic Shop front

The ole’ shop still looks good!

I have the honor and pleasure of writing to you about my local comic book shop and it’s celebration of it’s 30th year in business.

I speak none other than of B & D Comics, located at 802 Elm Avenue SW Roanoke, VA.

B&D Comic Shop 30th anniversary pin

Pin given out at the event

While the storefront still looks just the same and as good if not better than with it’s move there in 1992, the industry on the other hand in which the store depends on, has changed greatly since then.

The store still offers the same great customer service that it has since my very first visit (at the Williamson Road location) when I was only six-years-old.

At the time the person running the counter was Phil Davis, the “D” in B & D Comics. Phil Davis was at the anniversary today in spirit.  The prior owner/operator had moved out of the business years ago but still shared a devotion to comics and their fans. He passed on to God’s light in Spring 2011.

He will not be forgotten. R.I.P. Phil.

Terry Baucom of B & D comics

Terry is the “B” in B & D Comics.
Courtesy of:

Terry Baucom, the “B” in B & D Comics, has and still continues to offer the best customer service to comic book fans in addition to an extensive knowledge and devote passion to the comic books that the business founded itself upon. (If you want to read more about their history, please visit there website: http://www.banddcomics.com/. Please do as I won’t attempt to regurgitate it here.)

The event was sunny with warm temperatures and people were greeted with smiles and friendly faces. Food and drink was available along with several vendors, some artists and authors. There were plenty of costumed heroes and heroines.

Broken Dreams (The Dreamshift Chronicles, #1)    Gideon's Loop

In particular a local author, D.L. Silverman, wrote a science fiction thriller, The Dream Shift Chronicles: Broken Dreams, and was a pleasure to meet as well as a fellow author, who wrote the book, Gideon’s Loop, Terry L. Persinger.

Artist illustrating at B & D Comic Shop 30th anniversary

An artist illustrating at B & D Comic Shop 30th anniversary

Baroness autographing for a fan

Baroness autographing a copy of “The Baroness and The Duke” comic book.

Heroes and Heroines alike were there in honor of the anniversary including Ghostbusters, Darth Vader, and Dan “the Man” from Street Fighter and even several more.

The Baroness herself was present and offered autographs and pictures for fans. If you were fortunate enough you may have been able to score a copy of the comic book made especially for the B & D Comic Shop titled The Baroness and The Duke.

The Baroness and The Duke Comic Cover

Very limited, cool comic book from my own local comic book shop that I have shopped at since I was a kid.










This is probably a very limited produced comic, actually making it quite rare. Beyond that it’s just downright cool that my own local comic shop actually has it’s own comic book.

The Baroness and The Duke comic back

Back of B & D Comics Shop’s comic book. It’s a part of history, mine.

Thanks Baroness for autographing mine!

Sweeten Village Handout Front

Given at B & D Comics Shop 30th anniversary




Also present at the celebration was artist Beck Seashols who illustrates the web comic Sweeten Village. I have yet to have the chance to fully check out any of the things offered by the artists and authors that I met at the event, but my interests are strongly intrigued.

My fiancée was interested in Ms. Seashols web comic and it reminded her of one of her favorite video games, Fairytale Fights.

Fairytale Fights Video Game UK cover

Fairytale Fights Video Game

My fiancée is also a fan and collector of the Grimm Fairy Tale comic book series and has been for years and Sweeten Village was very peaking to her interests.

Inside B & D Comic Shop

Terry Baucom, owner operator of B & D Comics Shop, still being the best comic book shop in the Roanoke Valley.

We also enjoyed our visit inside the comic shop as well. Many people were there and the store was bustling along with business as it should be.

Booming Business at B & D Comics!

I always liked seeing the older and rarer (usually key books) on the wall behind the counter. They always were so neat to see on display as a child. But you knew you’d never afford the prices, those were adult priced (no, I don’t mean that, I mean only adults had that much money) comics. Or at least thats how I thought when I was a kid. So cool!

Inside B & D Comics

Bustling business with comic book collectors, inside B & D Comics Shop.

Comic book readers and collectors alike, young, old, male and female, were present at the 30th anniversary.

As stated we picked up a few good reads while we were there, a new book and even some back issues!

B & D Comic Shop visit pickups

From left to right:
Batman Versus Bane, Detective Comics #623, Grimm Fairy Tales #75 Cover A

The Batman Versus Bane was something I have been meaning to read and what better timing then after seeing The Dark Knight Rises as of recent.

The Detective Comics 623 was an impulse buy. Just look at the cover, it’s priceless!

I recently was researching about the Ace the Bat-Hound and upon seeing this couldn’t resist it at the price of $1 (that’s the original 1990 cover price! That’s B & D Comics for ya!).

B & D Comic Shop wall

I paused for a moment here and reminisced about 1993.

Of course the Grimm Fairy Tales was for my fiancée. (Still we noticed it says on the cover, “Cover A”. It’s getting ridiculous Zenescope, it really is…)

I took a moment while I was browsing the “wall” of comics where they have had new titles available for as long as I can remember.

In that moment I remembered walking up to this wall and seeing all the comics. The time was mid 1993 after the waning of Bat-Mania from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film had worn thin. By then things were pretty sorry for Batman fans that were kids.

Batman wasn’t even in the recently released DC Cosmic Cards (1992), what a crock!

DC Cosmic Cards 1992

DC Cosmic Cards 1992

Out of nowhere I noticed the Batman issue currently at the time had this weird half black and white cover flap thing that I thought was cool (a simple but clever gimmick, that worked no doubt).

Batman 497 Knightfall Part 11

Batman 497
Knightfall Part 11

I go to grab the comic from the shelf, and it is Batman 497, Knightfall Part 11, The breaking of the Batman. I couldn’t believe what I saw. How could it be possible that this cool entity I knew as Batman, could be presented as such?

B & D Comics wall

Anyone who was a regular of B & D Comics recognizes that “Hot News” backboard image anywhere. I know I do when I see it.

Breaking of the Batman

Bane breaking Batman

It didn’t matter, it was there in my face. Screaming my name, saying that I must know what happens to Batman! My eyes quickly focus on the newsstand price tag.

Only a $1.25, I thought to myself, gripping the other various titles I had intended on purchasing in my hand along with my five dollars. (Most books were averaged at the price of $1 or a little more. I usually could get four a week.)




I had to get my Silver Surfer, Daredevil, and Spider-Man. But the extra title I would buy this week was going to be Batman! It was the first time I bought a real Batman comic book. I was enjoying comics for the reason they were meant to be enjoyed, for being comics books nothing more.

B & D Comics Baroness

Classic Baroness

B & D Comic Shop 30th anniversary

B & D Comics provided that opportunity for me to have that experience, and I will not forgot it.

Thank you Terry and Phil, and Happy Anniversary B & D Comics!

New artwork for B & D comic heroes

Thank you B & D Comics!

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One comment on “Local comic book store celebrates 30th anniversary!

  1. Awesome write up on the store and its anniversary! I made the button you scanned, I was so tickled you included it. I’ve been going to B&D since they opened as well, it’s where I learned there was more to comics than Superman and even the X-Men. Without B&D, entire worlds of creativity would never have opened to me. Thanks for the great entry!

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