Bat-Mania all over again!

Everyone will agree that the success and popularity of Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman helped spawn three more films and a slew of merchandise for each film.

Batman Micheal Keaton

Batman (1989) as portrayed by Micheal Keaton

Batman Trading Cards

             Gotta have it! (Joking) But it was like that back then, no joke!


Batman Toy Biz lot

Batman toys (1989)

While not quite as on the same scale as before, I feel their is reason to believe that their is enough Dark Knight merchandise to classify at this time as a second coming of the Bat-Mania! It seems there is all kinds of Batman merchandise.

Dew Gothem City Mountain Dew

Minus trading cards and cereal. It does seem the success from promotions and gimmicks from Mountain Dew/Dark Knight Rises of today’s market, make up much more opposed to any sales that the Batman cereal did back then.

Dark Knight Rises Mr. Potato

Dark Knight Rises Mr. Potato

Batman Cereal

Dark Knight Rises toys

More licensed movie merchandise.

(See even more here)

Dark Knight Rises Bobble-Head

Even more licensed Dark Knight Rises merchandise


With a recent visit to my local comic book store I found an overwhelming amount of Batman titles (over 10), what felt like was even more than what there used to be, at least in 1993, as best I can remember.

B & D Comics wall





It’s cool to see Todd McFarlane’s figure for the movie. It is Hines Ward posing as a Gotham Rouges football player figure. It is scheduled for release in October of 2012. I want one!

McFarlane Toys Action Figure - Dark Knight Rises - HINES WARD (Gotham Rogues)

McFarlane being late with this figures release.

That’s being a tad little late to the party there ole’ Todd (and I hate admitting it because I’m a fan of your work, have been since Spider-Man).

It’s not good news for his or anyone’s business either.


Gothem Rogues Scene

Very cool scene from the movie!

Seriously, you should have these type of things all ready to go. Well in advance, before the movie even releases.

Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Bat Pod Batman

Need a Bat Pod for Catwoman

Mattel has all ready enjoyed great sales with all the product lines they have been selling, I’m sure of that.

Maybe it’s in the license agreement between Warner Bros and Todd McFarlane that he has to wait to release his figure? Who knows. Regardless it would be better to have at least released it by now.



Look at some of the custom figures that are being made inspired by the film. Lots of people are interested in this movie, respectively so.

Ben Roethlisberger Custom Gotham Rogues Steelers

Custom Gotham Rogues figure

Ben Roethlisberger Custom Gothem Rogues

People want stuff pronto, you can’t be a slouch when it comes to delivering product no matter how good it is in the end.

Here is another cool Movie Masters chase figures I hope Mattel would consider making. Even if they don’t make it, this is one cool custom nonetheless!

Custom BATMAN Dark Knight Movie Masters Azrael

Azrael in Dark Knight Movie Master figure form, pretty cool!
Made by Jin Saotome

On top of all those comic book titles, there are also a lot of official figures, toys, and magazine covers all dedicated to Batman.


Azrael as Batman

Batman 500

Empire Dark Knight Magazines

Collectable magazine covers

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Cards Hardees/Carls Jr. Set

Complete nine card set; come in packs of three cards

Magazine covers yes, but no trading cards for Batman though (Amazing Spider-Man movie cards exist, with the help of Hardees/Carl’s Jr.)

Well, okay the Dark Knight Rises trading cards I can live without. Just like the Topps Batman and Batman Returns cards and Fleer’s Batman Forever cards.

Batman Forever Cards

Thanks Fleer!







However I like having my Batman & Robin trading cards. I have my reasons.

Batman & Robin Movie Trading Card


Batgirl Alicia Silverstone

I’m Batgirl!

Batgirl Alica Silverstone autograph card

Autographed by Alicia Silverstone

Where else can you get a guaranteed Alicia Silverstone autographed Batgirl picture or trading card for that matter? ‘Nuff said.

I had a crush on her since Clueless.

Clueless 1995

Ah Clueless, the 1990’s era.

Dark Knight Rises Dark Berry

Dark Knight Rises Dark BerryDark Knight Rises Heroclix

I for one feel that the Bat-Mania craze was inevitable and respectively so, as The Dark Knight Rises has all ready proven to be the best movie of 2012, I enjoyed it watching it twice now.

Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Movie Masters figure

Goggles down!



Interest has peaked everywhere. While we don’t have Dark Knight cereal or trading cards, we do have Dark Knight Heroclix and Dark Knight Dark Berry Mountain Dew flavor.








And much more awesome products like from the heroine of the film, or anti-heroine I guess I should say, Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of Catwoman presented in figure form through Mattel’s Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters series.

DC Direct Dark Knight Rises Statue

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

There is also a highly detailed superb quality DC Direct Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Statue available as well. The price for this type of item is for very serious collectors only.

It brings me to the article I recently read in an old Tuff Stuff’s Collect! (July 1995, Pg. 18-22) which I will randomly excerpt from:

From: Collecting Batman by Stuart Wells III

More to Come

If you’ve already acquired all the [Batman] toys and cards you can find, be patient. The number of collectibles spawned by the second Batman movie was truly staggering. In 1992, Batman appeared on every possible item of kids’ clothing, plus school and party items, and on almost every kind of toy. At last count, there were nearly 1,000 different Batman Returns-related items. It’s more than likely the new film [Batman Forever] will set off another avalanche of product.”

Gotham Rogues Shirt made for movie

                        Shirt used in the movie, the price paid for it is truly staggering.

Dark Knight Rises Set Pass

Dark Knight Rises Set Pass

I will agree there was a slew of products available from the release of Batman Forever.

In particular, one that I also recently read about in a old Wizard (May 1999 Pg.86) from the Stuff section by David Borak and the Wizard staff (See the scan).

DC Comic’s attempt to cash in at the top level with an item like an official Batarang prop replica, limited to 2,000 pieces. Oh those fortunate (or rather unfortunate) 2,000 people that had to pay the MSRP of only $149.95 USD for this 10″ measured monstrosity of a Batarang.

Upon a quick Google search I couldn’t locate any other information on this product. No pictures or anything. If they made 2,000 of these “pieces” then they would have been bound to have surfaced at auction sites by now. Maybe the release got canned? Who knows?

(Really if you do, please comment or contact!)

Wizard May 1999 Stuff article scan ©2012

Holy Batarangs, Batman!
It’s a pure example of Bat-Mania!


So gaudy just like the entire style of the film.

Batman Forever Batarang figure

Well look at the size of the Batarang that came with the figure, sheesh!

Batman & Robin Batarang

More gaudy Batarangs.

I just can’t seem to remember which movie the Batarang advertised in Wizard is from, Batman Forever? No, their Batarangs looked different. Okay. Next choice.





Maybe Joel Schumacher‘s Batman & Robin‘s Batarangs? Nope they also looked different.


They certainly weren’t the style of Batarang used by Micheal Keaton’s version of Batman. So, what film were these Batarangs replicated from?! What a crock!


The Batarang replica included a COA, just incase you wanted to make sure you were genuinely purchasing the real $150 Batarang, and not just some cheap knock-off one. I love the warning Wizard staff gave to it’s readers ” don’t throw [it] at anybody”. I’ll say it again, ‘Nuff said.


Yes, truly Bat-Mania has returned!

Dark Knight Rises Heroclix

Not trading cards but close enough.             

Dark Knight Rises Batman Cowl and Batarang

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