Batman Earth One comic book review

Batman Earth One Special Preview Edition

Upon a recent visit to my local comic book shop, I was given a free book promoting the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. It was Batman Earth One, unnumbered but featuring “The first chapter of the Batman: Earth One graphic novel” and also a sample of Batman: The Court of Owls.

I will say that after reading I am convinced that I would like to fully read Batman: Earth One and The Court of Owls. The art featured in the book, by Gary Frank is beautiful and the story so far seems a very good read, written by Geoff Johns (Artwork in COO is by Greg Capullo and written by Scott Snyder, also good stuff).

I recommend this if you can find it, if you can’t then I would just recommend the full graphic novels just from the samples I read here.

Without revealing to much as to spoil it, I will say you can see Batman’s origin and the events leading up to it. The spin on the story with Batman: Court of Owls is great with the Joker looking as sinister as ever, Two-Face and the rest looked pretty good too!



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