New Superman costume from Man of Steel

To be portrayed in the upcoming Man of Steel, the Superman costume has been updated just as much as a reboot should be I suppose.

Man of Steel Superman costume

No red trunks anymore! (Not like Quailman)

I think the costume looks cool, I’m excited to see the film. But it does make me feel a little cliche’d out with all these new costumes for reboots as of late.

Quail-Man real life

“He wears his underwear outside his pants”

Batman’s costume in the latest films, tons of tiny detail with all the ridges.

Dark Knight Rises Batman costume

Spider-Man’s latest costume iteration, tons of tiny detail with the texture it has, minus having the black web design.

Amazing Spider-Man costume

Now the same with Supe’s getup. I think it’s a good change that they dropped the trunks, but I think it shows how dated the hero is entirely and that is why so much has to change in order for him to be acceptable in today’s society.


I’m sincerely looking forward to Doomsday if they in fact bring him into the upcoming films story, even if only in the third movie, because you know they want to make another Superman 3, but make it really good, not like the last one.


Here’s an awesome fan made trailer for Superman: Doomsday, a proposed film. Enjoy, I know I did!



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