Modern Collecting digital promo trading cards

Just like some collector magazines, we want to include free stuff with our blog.

Hoping to help increase more followers and add to their experience here, we will be including access to randomly selected password protected post that will have digital trading cards, especially made by Modern Collecting.

These promo cards will be for non-profit, and for use to promote trading of digital trading cards among collectors.

Modern Collecting Modern Collecting Man Trading Card Promo SetThe only thing you need to do to get access to your randomly selected password protected post is to follow our blog and send us your email address to confirm.

Then we can specifically email you with the web address to the specific post and give your exclusive password.

Modern Collecting Trading Card P1/2 SAMPLE

Sample of card

Then you can get access to the post and download your card, viola! Each follower’s email will be selected randomly for each post and password they will receive.

It is intended to hope to promote real trading among fellow followers of the blog in trying to promote goodwill and communication between collectors alike!

Stay tuned collectors for more info coming soon, but you can get started collecting today!

Legal Note (Please Read):

These are digital trading cards and not physically tangible items. They are not intended to be printed only collected. Printing and/or any other duplication of the cards or any portion/part of the cards is copyright violation.

You are asked to use the “Honor Code” and delete any traded cards. Otherwise your willful act of not deleting a card in a trade is thus considered “duplicating”.

They are also not to be distributed through a venue that is public that can allow for more than one person at one time to download or otherwise retrieve the file or any file containing the card, or any portion/part of the card.

The file cannot be made available to more than one individual from another individual once per transaction.

After distributing from one person the next, the individual trading the card away should delete the then old file.

Even if you gift a card, not do not receive a card in return, you still must delete the file. Otherwise it is still considered duplication.

No guaranteed number of any card to be released. Demand will be met as best we can, and as fast as we can. Thank for your patience and understanding.

We reserve the right to cancel access to cards and posts for anyone, at anytime for any reason.

Conditions are binding to anyone accepting to retrieve any card at anytime, digital or not, distributed directly from us or not.

Modern Collecting also does not, in any manner, make any representation as to whether its cards will attain any future value.

My personal note:

This is how trade can be actually possible and encouraged between collectors. It’s all in good fun and the thrill of completing a collection. Please just respect the wishes of Modern Collecting.

Don’t allow other people to ruin your cards collect-ability by distributing it to multiple people or not deleting their cards when they trade them away. I know it’s an “Honor Code” that’s asking for a lot. However we also will act to preserve our rights to the fullest extent. Violation of these policies will be a violation of our right and thus will be taken seriously. Past that, just have fun and trade and collect!



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