Wing Commander Prophecy Nintendo GBA Review

Wing Commander Prophecy GBA

For the awesome price of $5 I scored the rare title, Wing Commander Prophecy, for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, brand new, I think. Even if it is resealed it doesn’t matter, it’s 100% complete in box for that price and I’m not complaining. It’s not like its some sought after title, but it is pretty scarce.

Developed by Ray Light Studios and Distributed by Destination Software, Inc. the game is actually pretty cool. It’s not the greatest thing ever but it is addictive. It’s a space shooter in full cockpit perspective, it reminds me of Nintendo’s Star Fox for the SNES on certain levels.

I’m sure there are more games older and newer that are similar to this 3-D shooter but I like what this one has to offer. For the GBA the graphics are really good and the sound is pretty spot on. I noticed it has a story but I didn’t really take time to read it all. Having to read very small text on small screens does get tedious.

I mean I’ll read text messages, but I’m not trying to read a novel with them.

However that particular issue could easily be resolved by playing the game with the Game Boy Player with the Nintendo GameCube. (Which I have available at my disposal)

Otherwise I have to say it was a good buy and I’m glad to add it to my collection. I doubt it will increase in value more than what I paid for it, but that’s ok. It’s a decent game for a great price and gives me the chance go play the old systems I have laying around!


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