15th Annual Virginia Vintage Comics & Collectables Show

15th Annual Virginia Vintage Comics & Collectables Show

I recently attended the 15th Annual Virginia Vintage Comics & Collectables Show at the Salem Civic Center, on Saturday, August 18th. The usual admission of $2 was a deal too good to pass up as it has remained that price since the shows inception in 1997.

15th Annual Virginia Vintage Comics & Collectables Show

The show had many regulars and a few new faces. Frank of Frank’s Cool Stuff was promoting the reopening of his store at Happy’s Flee Market (I recommended you go check it out, if you live locally). Frank' s Cool Stuff Flyer

Untamed Worlds from Lynchburg was present, also promoting the only other comic book show in Roanoke, the Roanoke Valley Comicon. Roanoke Valley Comicon Flyer

The show was a hit as usual, with customers new, old, male and female all united under one banner, as comic book collectors!

15th Annual Virginia Vintage Comics & Collectables Show


The show was filled with comics, figures, trading cards, artwork and more. There really was a variety this show, something for everyone. Even my fiancée had found some good buys, especially plenty of Grimm Fairy Tales comics, some for as cheap as $0.50!

Carnage: Mind Bomb

Pretty scarce book

I also scored a copy of a book I have been meaning to purchase for a while. My favorite super villain received his first own self-titled one-shot, Carnage: Mind Bomb, and I was able to pick up the first issue for $0.50 too, what a deal! (If my hunch is correct, this may receive an increase in demand and value if Carnage is introduced into the silver screen in the new Amazing Spider-Man movie series.)

I also picked up a cool cover I remember from the 90’s, Daredevil 319, the prologue of “Fall from Grace” (I remember this being a hot book, but as Wizard #50 showed, the price had fallen to just $10 by 1995).

I also picked up the two book series set of Silver Surfer produced by the Marvel/Epic Comics venture. While these books aren’t worth a lot of money, they are scarce and Silver Surfer is my favorite super hero from childhood.

Pick-ups from the show Also picked up was a Top Cow Battle of the Planets 1, although I’m not sure if this was a variant cover or not because they are more than one number 1 issue. Still I’m fan of that series, and have been since Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

15th Annual Virginia Vintage Comics & Collectables Show The show was a success as always and provided business for the sellers and good reads and pickups for the buyers. Can’t wait until next years show, until then we look forward to the Roanoke Valley Comicon that is scheduled for November 2012.


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