Video games, video games and more video games!

Wow, what a summer! We had two of the biggest and well-known super heroes of comics have huge movie outings both within the same month! This meant a slew of products for both films (The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises).

WIIU Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 We here at MC want to begin focusing on more video game collecting for the Fall of 2012 because that’s when most new console game systems are released and usually the best new games (i.e. this holiday season we will see the launch of Nintendo’s new WiiU and the latest entry to the series of Halo, with Halo 4). To begin we will showcase three items that I selected randomly from my vast collection of video games and other related merchandise.

New Super Mario Bros. U Mega Man Soccer SNES

First up is Mega Man Soccer with box (NO booklet/manual). This game is very scarce and even harder to find in box. The manual is just as hard to find. I am really surprised that at how cheap this game can be purchased. While the gameplay may not be spectacular, it is pretty straightforward and the fact that it’s a Mega Man game, makes up enough for it. I simply had to own this in my collection. Past that, I obtained it from a close friend that had owned it since it was first released (he was a huge Mega Man fan). I also store this game in an old acrylic case made just for video games that originally came from a rental store. Video Game Box acrylic case from rental store These kind of cases are actually hard to find nowadays, but are the perfect solution for protecting the cardboard video game boxes of old.


Next up is a very scare box and manual for the rare, Giana Sisters, this is the C64 (Commodore 64) version. No game cassette, but the rest of it is there.   I love this box art. It so…artistic in it’s own style. It even boasts that “The brothers are history!”.

Wow, something like this is just so cool to have.  The back story on this game and it’s existence is just a priceless. Very interesting, especially nowadays to have something that was recalled several years ago. Giana Sisters box C64 Now it would actually be more trouble than it is worth for Nintendo to pursue legal action like it did against this game upon its release. The thing is it wasn’t even released in the United States, only in the U.K. Nintendo still took it serious enough that they decided to have the game pulled from shelves because of alleged copyright infringement. C64 cassette case

The legal ground they used in the past is ridiculous by today’s standards, especially considering items like Super Tux exist without even a bat of an eye, despite the exact replica it is of the Super Mario Bros. game series. Super Tux screenshot I also wanted to note the game case. Made by Case (to the best of my knowledge), is exactly what it appears to be, a oversized cassette case. I can only imagine how hard it is to replace just the case of a C64 game such as Giana Sisters. Still at least they had the sense to make something better than flimsy cardboard!

[LINK TO PICTURE GALLERY] E.T. Atari 2600 Factory sealed autographed James Rolfe AVGN

Finally for this post, I present a factory sealed copy of the notorious E.T. for the Atari 2600, autographed by James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN). While this game was overproduced with its initial release, many copies were sent back to Atari, where the cartridges were then famously poured into cement and buried. The limited remaining factory sealed copies that survived are something I find very interesting, and actually are much more difficult to come by than one would think.

To also find one, then also have the upcoming James Rolfe autograph it (before his AVGN movie is released) in this kind of condition is awesome! It helps authenticate it with the original prices stickers still attached. Originally priced at $29.99, (which seemed to be the standard for Atari 2600 games back then, almost double that now for a normal PS3 or Xbox 360 game at $59.99) then reduced to a measly $4.99.

E.T. Atari 2600 Factory sealed autograph James Rolfe AVGN

That price sticker just says it all. Good thing the VGA doesn’t count stickers against a game’s seal grade, because other than that there are next to no flaws in the seal and the box is only crushed slightly in a few minor areas (many of factory sealed Atari 2600 games have partially crushed box issues and can be very difficult to find with minimal damage, such as this copy). Atari 2600 games although sealed from the factory, were slightly damaged in the process (not sure why or how, just making an educated guess from what I’ve gathered so far in my studies of factory sealed Atari 2600 games).

E.T. Atari 2600 Factory sealed autograph James Rolfe AVGN I’m assuming back then, in the early days of video games, that they were still developing the best methods of distributing brand new games, and didn’t consider the damage as very important because few people cared about the box in the first place. Just as many people did later with copies of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game boxes, the Atari’s game boxes were simply thrown away or otherwise discarded with little regard to the purpose or value of them.

Thank God for them, just like the countless mothers of children in the 1960’s that literally gave away copies of priceless platinum and golden age comic books like Action Comics, Detective Comics, and Fantastic Four to paper drives in support of World War II. Together they with the parents and adults of the 80’s and 90’s, they helped make the rest of the people who own these items, much more valuable now! Kudos!


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