Collector Edition Cereal?

Yes, you read correctly. Cereal that is “collector edition” (We cover as much collectables as we can here at MC). Take for instance this box of cereal used to promote the 2012 Summer Olympics. Kellogg’s, taking every opportunity to cash in, by making it seem as if this box of cereal is something to collect and preserve is pretty interesting while appealing to the heavy interests in the 2012 Summer Olympics, particularly for Team USA.

Kellogg's 2012 Team USA Collector's Edition Cereal

So what makes this cereal so collectible in the first place? Is it just because the cereal itself was made? Is it because of the special foil box that it’s packaged in? Is it because of the trading cards that can be cut out from the back? Maybe it’s all of them. I’m sure Kellogg’s would agree to them all and then some.

Kellogg's 2012 Summer Olympics cereal Athletic Cards

So I decided to purchase a box (well after the Olympics have ended), because they were on clearance at my local grocery store.





Honeycomb cereal

How did the cereal actually fair as far a being purely a cereal and not a cheap gimmicky promotional product to cash in on? Actually, pretty good! I have to say the cereal tasted great, it reminded me of the similar taste with the Honeycombs cereal, or how I tasted it last I ate some (it’s been over 10 years since I last had Honeycomb cereal, so maybe it’s not the same now?)

Kellogg's 2012 Summer Olympics cereal



Collectible cereal, I wouldn’t count much on it as an investment. Although, boxes of unopened Pac-Man cereal sell for serious dough sometimes! Pac-Man Cereal


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