Collecting Claw Machine Plushes

Nowadays stuffed plush figures, or “plushies” are quite popular among many collectors with some buyers paying several hundred dollars on eBay for a single character’s plush.
Rouge the Bat plush eBay

Barack Obama plush


I’m not sure exactly why. It’s hard for me to believe that there is simply that kind of demand for a single plush unless it is because it is very scarce.

Claw machine stuffed figures seem to have a lot of popular characters among them in many department stores.



Porky Pig Space Cadet plush

Recently I was able to get the latest installment of claw machine plushes and just in time for the upcoming election, a (14″)Mitt Romney and (18″)Barack Obama plush, both made by National Entertainment Network. It’s not often you see plush figures of a President or a Presidential Candidate. I was able to get them from the $1 claw machine at a local Walmart.

Hawkeye plush











Other notable license characters are Hanna Barbara favorites like the Flintstones and the Jetsons. Also the Looney Toons characters are quite popular among collectors and claw machine players. Some feature extra themes like Space Cadets, or Robin Hood, or a sombrero like Scooby-Doo.

They make sure to have the favorites and the lesser known characters like the Martian Queen from the Duck Dodgers series from Looney Toons.

Martian Queen plush

Scooby-Doo in sombreo plush


Most of the plushes you get from claw machines are exclusive, meaning that you can’t find them for sale on the shelf in retail stores. The selection among any claw machine will always vary.

There are also non-plush claw machine, which we previously covered. Usually plush claw machines are the most common you will find but there are several variations and degrees of which prizes they contain.

Some may only offer a prize that has a maximum retail value of $5, but only be $0.25 to play.


So the next time you’re in your Walmart, Kmart, gas station or restaurant take a second to look at the claw machines, you might see some really cool stuff.

Obama Romney plushes


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