Halloween Movie Marathon Day 30


Halloween Movie Marathon Day 22

The Last House on the Left: Collector’s Edition Unrated

Craven helped redefine American horror with this début. But, unlike his fellow directors, Craven gives his film an uncomfortable verisimilitude, setting it squarely in the heartland of modern America. While at times it’s awkward and inconsistent, with distracting comic interludes, his handling of the brutal horror scenes is unsettling, and the death of the daughter is an unexpectedly quiet and lyrical moment.

Special Features

  • Outtakes and dailes with never-before-seen footage, including the lost murder sequence (never been seen in any form) and the disembowelment scene
  • Making-of documentary (30 min.)
  • “Forbidden Footage” featurette exploring the film’s most shocking scenes

The Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Figure- Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie Trade Figure

Keeping with the season I went out on a little shopping trip this weekend. During my trip I found this quaint little shop at my local flea market selling  The Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Figure’s. The set includes 6 figures:

1) Jack Skellington

2) Sally

3) Lock & Barrell

4) Shock & Zero

5) Dr. Finklestein

6) Oogie Boogie

Since my nickname for my Fiance is Oogie I of course purchased the Oogie Boogie figure. This will be the perfect addition to my new desk at my new job.