Halloween Movie Marathon Day 3

Moving right along with our marathon is the personal film favorite of mine, Scream.


It was really cool to have a horror movie that had so much mention of horror movies in it. It was perfect. Constantly wondering who is it?

I remember enjoying the movie not only because it was a good movie but also because prior to the movies release, I had already owned the Fun World mask from what was then a Revco store later bought out to become CVS pharamacy.








I still am a fan of the series but admit I was lacking when I missed Scream 4 in theaters. I have yet to read reviews because I don’t want to spoil anything for myself.

Ghost Face mask

I plan on picking it up soon as I’m pretty sure it has been released on DVD or Blu Ray by now. Stay tuned for more Halloween posts and tomorrows scarathon entry!










This post brought to you  in part by:

When Spooks Have A Midnight Jamboree


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