My Halloween collectables

Here are just some of the recently acquired collectables I have associated with Halloween.

Halloween Sugar Loaf Claw machine plushes

Here are some of the claw machine plushes that I have been able to get. Made by Sugar Loaf and only available from claw machines or on eBay, these are cool plushes! Their is at least one more in the collection that is a vampire; I have not been able to win him yet.

Devil Jack O' Lantern light up decoration








We have a red devil jack O’ lantern decoration. It was purchased at Walgreens. It did not have a label, but another one did. So my fiancée and I agreed to take the one with the tag up to the register so that the cashier could scan it and we could actually buy the one without a tag. We did that because if we have purchased the tagged one and left the untagged no one would have been able to purchase it. We try to help things out like that when we can because we wanted to purchase one anyway. It was a great deal on clearance for $2.50!

Glow in the Dark Frankenstein mask

Up next is this Dollar store special “glow in the dark” semi-transparent Frankenstein mask. It’s unique and actually pretty creepy cool! The fact that it glows in the dark just seals the deal. Every kid needs to be able to at least have a mask at Halloween. Even if only on a dollar budget! I like adding one to my collection personally.







Totally Ghoul Invisible Ghoul Mask


Another cool mask is Kmart brand Totally Ghoul’s Invisible Ghoul Mask. I always thought these were really cool. These having only been introduced in the last 10 years.













Ghost Face PendantFinally we have the awesome Ghost Face Pendant from Fun World. Ghost Face being made famous from the movie Scream has now become so popular that they is tons of merchandise for fans of the character and the series (which I happen to be, check later here at MC for a special Ghost Face collectables Halloween post!)



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