Modern Collecting is exactly what it says, collecting in the modern millennia. It’s pretty amazing to think of where we have come as humans. Technological advancements and cutting edge capabilities have and will always increase as history has shown and everything else along with it.

Because we have learned to acquire, we have learned to assign value to are acquisitions.

collecting eggs from chickens

Collecting for life purposes.
We have done for hundreds of years.

It is in our very nature to gather and collect things and preserve them for future use or purpose.

Dust jacket

Dust jackets used to preserve books.
A very old invention.

In todays age, I wish to document my ongoing collecting hobby as a whole along with my ramblings, opinions, reviews, pictures and other information I would like to comment on and share with anyone willing to read.

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I am a 29 year-old caucasian American male that was born in 1983, what seems to feel like the perfect time to be born for being a collector. I also have had a strong influence from both parents to collect and preserve (take proper care of) items, no matter what they were.



Modern Collecting ©2012

That’s a lot of collecting!

I have collected and still collect many things including trading card, comics, figures, toys, PC and video games, video game systems, PCs,  magazines, CDs, DVDs, coins, stamps, tobacco pipes, posters, VHS tapes, lighters, vintage electronics (cameras, betamax players, etc.) and more. I could go on and on, but I’ll save it for the blog!

Not to say items I have collected haven’t gone damaged or used, such is life. Things like that are not the end of life either, instead many times they offer a new beginning, not always easily seen at first.

Topics like that are things I ponder in my free time and rarely ever spoken out loud. I am now wishing to share them with you, I hope you enjoy. Thank you.


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