Halloween Movie Marathon Day 21

The installment where we finally say good-bye to cotton the fabric of our lives. Oh sorry wait not that cotton but the poor man who was wrongfully accused of killing Sidney’s mother in Scream, only to be released by the relentless Gale so that he could be the hero in Scream 2. Ah what wonderful amount of twists and turns so far.


Halloween Move Marathon Day 20

Who can deny the awesomeness of this scene. Recreated by many but none compare to the original suspense and dramatic feelings caused by this moment.









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Halloween Movie Marathon Day 19

This is The Version That Never Was or The Version That Could Never Have Existed Because We Didn’t Have CGI in 1973.

I have seen both “versions” of this movie and in my opinion prefer this one. The spider walk scene is classic and when I watched this in theater I nearly jumped out of my seat.

Nothing says Halloween like a good case of demonic possession.

Halloween Movie Marathon Day 17

Today we are kickin’ butt and taking names with this now cult classic thriller, From Dusk Till Dawn.

From Dusk Till Dawn

George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino team up to deliver an awesome movie, but let’s not forget the awesome talents of Cheech Marin, who plays 3 separates characters throughout the film.

I’d make a quote from the movie here if almost all the good ones didn’t have some kind of cussing in them. Hey we try to keep it PG, PG-13 here at MC!

Halloween Movie Marathon Day 16

Fraggle Rock Scared Silly  Pete Pete Season 2

For our marathon we select not a film, but a series of Halloween themed episodes from Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock with Fraggle Rock Scared Silly and Nickelodeon’s famous The Adventures of Pete & Pete episode Halloweenie.

Stay tuned for more Halloween posts and Day 17 in our Halloween movie marathon!

Halloween Movie Marathon Day 14

Wow! We are almost halfway through our marathon and that much closer to Halloween!


Today we watch Hannibal, a thriller with a suspenseful performance by Anthony Hopkins.

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Halloween Movie Marathon Day 13

For today’s selection we go with The Twilight Zone Vol 1. Containing three remarkable episodes, Night of the Meek, The Invaders, and Nothing in the Dark.

Twilight Zone Vol 1


Nothing more classic than that cool retro song from the Twilight Zone!


Stay tuned for more Halloween posts and Day 14 in our scarathon!





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Halloween Movie Marathon Day 12

Continuing with our marathon and with our recent zombie entry, we go with the original Night of the Living Dead.

Night of the Living Dead

Like Dracula, this is a Black and White movie that really gives you a great Halloween scare and that cool nostalgia feel.


This really is an awesome classic and you should see it for yourself if you haven’t already!


Look for more Halloween posts and tomorrow’s selection for our Halloween Movie Marathon!







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