The Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Figure- Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie Trade Figure

Keeping with the season I went out on a little shopping trip this weekend. During my trip I found this quaint little shop at my local flea market selling  The Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Figure’s. The set includes 6 figures:

1) Jack Skellington

2) Sally

3) Lock & Barrell

4) Shock & Zero

5) Dr. Finklestein

6) Oogie Boogie

Since my nickname for my Fiance is Oogie I of course purchased the Oogie Boogie figure. This will be the perfect addition to my new desk at my new job.


Halloween Movie Marathon Day 6

Keeping right along with the vampire theme, we pick a more contemporary film, Interview with a Vampire.

Interview with a Vampire

I will admit I have not watched this film this is why my fiancée has recommended it. Upon her recommendation, that will be today’s movie for the Halloween marathon.


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