Halloween Movie Marathon Day 30


John Blake Frenzy

Robin John Blake

Robin John Blake by qBatmanp


Inspired by all the attention to John Blake from the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, here is a some really cool fan artwork on Deviant Art by qBATMANp. Obviously his inspiration was the latest film, as it seems it was with Mint Condition Customs as well.


Nightwing John Blake custom

Made by Mint Condition Customs

Call-It Customs Robin John Blake Movie Masters

Robin John Blake The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters

There latest custom figure is a John Blake as Nightwing custom with TDKR Mattel Movie Masters quality and is currently on eBay and plugged on It’s a cool figure but I personally prefer that the character become Robin not Nightwing. Now I have nothing against Nightwing, I just prefer Robin for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the character Robin John Blake. I also prefer the custom figure from Call-It Customs, John Blake as Robin.

It not only carries my preference for who I’d want Robin to be, but the quality of the product is superb. (<PLUG> Review coming soon)


Custom Robin John Blake

Made by Geek Summit

But if I had to chose without the option of Call-It Customs, I’d still take this custom of John Blake as Robin by Geek Summit over him as Nightwing, just my choice.