Collect & Connect “Build A Projecting Bat-Signal!” Complete!

Sorry for the delay in having any fresh posts. I was one of the thousands of people that was without power for over a week. Needless to say, posting here wasn’t my top priority but now that the dust has settled we can get back to more Modern Collecting!

We begin with the completed (or a best as can be for now), Collect & Connect “Build A Projecting Bat-Signal!”. Included with each Dark Knight Rises Movie Master figure is a piece of the Bat-Signal.

DKR Movie Masters packaging back 01

Either Catwoman (goggles up or down) variants come with the same piece which is the bottom base with a connectable controller looking peripheral. The next base part of the signal comes with Batman that connects directly to the piece included with the Catwomen. Next is the piece included with Bane’s figure, which is a fork that connects directly to the Batman signal piece.

According to information on the back of the figures packaging, Catwoman’s piece is numbered 4, with Batman #1, Bane #2, and Alfred at #3. Jim Gordon’s is unnumbered.

DKR Movie Masters figure packaging 02

DKR Movie Masters figure packaging 03

The next piece is included with Alfred Pennyworth’s figure which is the projectile base that would house the light inside of it which connects to the fork piece from Bane’s figure. Finally the last, but not final (read about the newly released figure) piece that I needed to finish my projecting Bat-Signal was the lens piece that connects directly to the projectile base included with Alfred’s figure. The lens piece that I have, is a “shattered” Bat-Signal piece that is included only in Jim Gordon’s figure, which is a Walmart exclusive.

Front of Projecting Bat-Signal

Put them all together and what have you got (no, like not bippity boppity boo), the Projecting Bat-Signal! SWEET!

Back of Projecting Bat-Signal

Getting all the figures for this is no easy task. And as mentioned earlier their is still one more figure that has recently been released. GCPD Blake, a.k.a. John Blake. He includes piece #5 which appears to be a “non-shattered” bat signal lens (add that coincidence with the possibility of him becoming Nightwing in future movies, check). The prices on eBay for his figure are flat out ridiculous and I for one refuse to pay that much right now.

GCPD Blake a.k.a. John Blake

Picture from josue_714

However, as it looks right now his figure is not very plentiful and if you are fortunate enough to locate one in the wild you are one lucky dog!

Jim Gordon taking a axe to the Bat-Signal

Here’s some other cool shots of the “shattered” Bat-Signal with Jim Gordon doing the honors just like depicted in the upcoming film, The Dark Knight Rises.

Jim Gordon taking an axe to the Bat-Signal

Jim Gordon taking an axe to the Bat-Signal


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